Cyclones Hitting Earthquake Areas

The powerful tidal wave in China.

Powerful storms are coming ashore in India and the Philippines.

India and the countries along the Indian Ocean have had their fair share of natural disasters from earthquakes and tsunamis, and the Philippines have had every natural disaster hit their island from volcanoes, earthquakes, and violent storms.

Today, violent cyclones (aka hurricanes) are coming onshore in both of these countries.

Typhoons, Cyclones, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

A map of the Bay of Bengal

Tropical cyclone Phailin formed in the enclosed Bay of Bengal

Tropical cyclone Phailin has whipped up hurricane force winds equal to a CAT 4-5 hurricane. Forming within the enclosed Bay of Bengal, Phailin came onshore in India October 12, 2013. So far, 800,000 people have been evacuated from this very highly-populated eastern Indian shore.

Typhoon Nari crossed over the northern region of the Philippines in Luzon on October 11-12, 2013, Thirteen people were killed when the storm ripped off the roofs of homes and buildings, toppled trees, and triggered flash floods and landslides.

Nari is now in the South China Sea heading directly toward VietNam, and is expected to make landfall early Sunday October 13, 2013.

Typhoon Wipha  has formed in the Pacific Ocean, east of the  Philippines, and is heading NNW toward the southern islands of Japan.

Tropical Storm Octave is forming south of Baja, heading north onto the Baja Pensisula, but no warnings have been issued.

What’s A Cyclone?

The terms “hurricane” and “typhoon” are regional names for a strong “tropical cyclone”;  they are all the same thing – a violent storm that forms over water.



Natural Disasters Made In Japan

Sakurajima Volcano

Strong explosions are occurring at Sakurajima Volcano, Japan – NASA

Japan is really getting hammered with natural disasters right now, and they are coming from everywhere.


Japan is lined with volcanoes along the Ring of Fire, which slices down the island.

The volcanoes to watch right now are (especially the volcanoes located where active earthquakes are taking place):

USGS map of the volcanoes in Japan.

Japanese volcanoes along the Ring of Fire – USGS.

  1. Sakurajima (Kyushu)
  2. Kirishima (Kyushu)
  3. Kuchinoerabu-jima (Kyushu)
  4. Suwanose-jima (Ryukyu Islands)
  5. Kikai (Ryukyu Islands)
  6. Iwo-Tori-shima (Ryukyu Islands)
  7. Shikotsu (Hokkaido)
  8. Mt Fuji (Honshu)
  9. To-shima (Izu Islands)
  10. Miyake-shima (Izu Islands)
  11. Iwo-jima (Volcano Islands)


(over the past week)

  1. 4.8 (Nishinoomote) followed by
  2. 5.0 (Nishinoomote)
  3. 4.5 (Chichi-shima) followed by
  4. 4.8 (Chichi-shima)
  5. 4.9 (Naze)
  6. 5.1 (Ofunato)
  7. 4.3 (Ishikaua) followed by
  8. 5.3 (Ishikaua – under Fukushima)
  9. 4.5 (Makurazaki)

Radiation Hazard Fukushima

The 4.3 and 5.3-magnitude earthquakes at Ishikaua (listed above) struck at Fukushima on September 19, 2013 where the nuclear power plant was dangerously damaged during the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

The question everyone should ask is why would you build a nuclear power plant ON TOP of an active earthquake zone, which sits ON TOP of the Ring of Fire? Almost 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes occur in this region.

The 2011 natural disaster caused three reactors to melt, and damaged a fuel cooling pool at a fourth reactor. It is confirmed that radiation-contaminated groundwater began seeping, has been seeping and is still seeping, into the Pacific Ocean since the 2011 meltdowns.

And we wonder why dead whales, dolphins, and seals are washing onto the Pacific shores? A major disaster that’s “Made In Japan.”

The words Japan with a red moon behind the letters.

The Fukushima radiation leak is a global disaster “Made In Japan.”


Smacking the globe with natural disasters – all at once.

A man pointing to Portugal on a map of the Earth.

The Earth is covered with all kinds of natural disasters, and all at the same time.

The Earth is packing a punch. Mother Nature is smacking the globe with all kinds of natural disasters – all at once.

The planet is covered with cyclones, floods, thunderstorms, and volcanoes … and we can throw in an earthquake or two, or three.

This is what’s happening today…


  1. Usagi – Philippines
  2. Humberto – Mid-Atlantic
  3. Ingrid – Mexico
  4. Manuel – Mexico (Pacific)
  5. Man-yi – Japan

Severe Storms

  1. Greece
  2. Malaysia
  3. Southeast Coast, Queensland, Australia
  4. Eastern Uruguay
  5. Hawaii (highwind)


  1. Colorado
  2. Eastern Uruguay
  3. West Africa
  4. Guatemala
  5. Nigeria


  1. Sinabung -Mayalsia
  2. Lokon-Empung – Philippines
  3. Arenal – Costa Rica
  4. Ubinas -Peru
  5. Suwanosejima – Japan
  6. Santa Maria – Guatemala
  7. Sakurajima – Japan
  8. Kliuchevskoi – Russia
  9. Etna – Italy


(…just a couple of big ones; there have been more …)

  1. 6.1 Atka, Alaska
  2. 5.3 Elatia, Greece

Manmade Radiological Event

  1. Fukushima Daiichi, Japan