Chile Is Getting HOT – Quakes Ramping Up Along Eastern Pacific Rim

The USGS small globe at Chile.

There is an increase in earthquakes along the Pacific Rim in South America.

The eastern side of the Pacific Rim is moving, and Chile is a focal point. Over the past week, Chile has experienced 3-dozen quakes.

An Active Chile Week – March 17 – March 24, 2014

  1. 5.3  Iquique, Chile
  2. 4.8  Iquique, Chile
  3. 5.0  Iquique, Chile
  4. 4.9 (5.0) Iquique, Chile
  5. 5.1  Iquique, Chile
  6. 5.9 (6.0) Iquique, Chile
  7. 5.0  Iquique, Chile
  8. 5.4  San Pedro de Atacama
  9. 4.6  Putre, Chile
  10. 6.2  Iquique, Chile
  11. 5.1  Iquique, Chile
  12. 4.6  Iquique, Chile
  13. 5.5  Iquique, Chile
  14. 5.0  Iquique, Chile
  15. 5.1  Iquique, Chile
  16. 4.5  Iquique, Chile
  17. 4.8  Iquique, Chile
  18. 4.8  Iquique, Chile
  19. 4.5  Iquique, Chile
  20. 6.0  Iquique, Chile
  21. 4.7  Iquique, Chile
  22. 5.3  Iquique, Chile
  23. 4.6  Iquique, Chile
  24. 4.7  Iquique, Chile
  25. 4.9 (5.0) Iquique, Chile
  26. 5.5  Iquique, Chile
  27. 5.2  Iquique, Chile
  28. 5.5  Iquique, Chile
  29. 4.9 (5.0) Iquique, Chile

Forecasting The What If?

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No one wants think about natural disasters destroying life as we know it. Life on Earth is awesome – our planet is filled with so much beauty, magnificence, and miracles.

Most of us choose to think about natural disasters later. The majority of us believe that major Earth events won’t happen in our lifetime, but too few have considered what our children or grandchildren may go through.

Forecasting The End

Here is the link to The Weather Channel’s short clips from their evening series, Forecasting The Future. This is an excellent Cliff’s Note education about what can happen to our planet.

Tips To Shift With Major Events

You can begin NOW making the much needed changes that can save you, your family, and your future loved ones from fear and discomfort.

  1. Get involved with local politics and secure that your community leaders are on their game concerning environmental and future development;
  2. Good local government bleeds into better state governments, which moves up the ladder into federal government;
  3. Spend your money supporting local farmers, shops and venders;
  4. Install alternative energy in your schools, homes, and businesses, and get off the global oil and gas grid;
  5. Bank with credit unions, local and small banks;
  6. Keep cash and small change on hand;
  7. Relocate from coastal areas, and encourage local governments to stop developing along rising shorelines;
  8. Keep stored water and dry foods/dry goods for two weeks of an emergency supply per household for both you and your pets.

Earth changes are nothing to be scared of – they are something to understand better so you can be more prepared.

Prepare for the inevitable, now and for the future, and go back to enjoying a wonderful life on this magnificent planet.


The Earth in space

Our Earth is a magnificent planet – enjoy it.


Large Earthquakes Strike Greece

USGS small globe of earthquakes in Greece

Greece is having an earthquake swarm, January 26, 2014 – USGS

The Earth has been quite active, which comes as no surprise, but this week, the activity actually started in Greece.


Typically, large earthquakes start along the Pacific Rim and resonate just about anywhere. On January 25, 2014, a 6.1 magnitude quake struck at Adipala, Indonesia, and today, January 26, 2014, Burma and Greece experienced large magnitude quakes, 5.2 and 6.1 respectively. But this string of activity actually started on the Eurasian Plate on January 24, 2014.

This is an interesting pattern of movement that should be noted.

Afghanistan Over To Greece

Here’s the chain of quake events 4.5+ magnitude starting January 24 in Afghanistan, and currently impacting Greece, as of 1:00 PM CST, January 26, 2014:

  1. 4.5  Ashkasham, Afghanistan
  2. 4.5  Selianitika, Greece
  3. 4.6  Saumlaki, Indonesia
  4. 6.1  Adipala, Indonesia
  5. 4.5  Manado, Indonesia
  6. 4.6  Panguna, Papua New Guinea
  7. 4.7  Adipala, Indonesia
  8. 5.6  Gizo, Solomon Islands
  9. 4.5  Calanasan, Philippines
  10. 4.8  Rizal, Philippines
  11. 4.8  Kirakira, Solomon Islands
  12. 5.2  Lata, Solomon Islands
  13. 4.8  Kirakira, Solomon Islands
  14. 5.2  Lata, Solomon Islands
  15. 4.9  Corinto, Nicaragua
  16. 5.5  Zorritos, Peru
  17. 5.0  Port-Vila, Vanuatu
  18. 4.8  Kananya, Philippines
  19. 4.9  Lata, Solomon Islands
  20. 5.2  Hihifo, Tonga
  21. 5.2  Mogok, Burma
  22. 6.1  Lixourion, Greece
  23. 4.9  Lixourion, Greece
  24. 4.6  Lixourion, Greece
  25. 4.6  Lixourion, Greece
  26. 5.0  Balanacan, Philippines
  27. 5.4  Lixourion, Greece

And they try to convince us that earthquakes are not on the rise …..