Strange Winds Suddenly Reverse Direction Across US

A map of the wind directions around the Earth.

The winds blow from west to east over North America, but strange east to west winds suddenly blew rain and cooler air over the southern USA.

A very strange thing happened on Sunday, July 14, 2013. Rarely seen, if ever, the winds suddenly changed direction and blew from the east to the west as opposed to the normal west to east wind flow.

Blowing Off The Appalachians

The Plain States, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona were experiencing record heat when the wind direction over the southern half of North America suddenly changed direction, an event that is not only rare to see, but something that is not normal for our planet’s global wind patterns.

Rain ‘n Cool

As odd as this event is, Texas, New Mexico, and parts of western Oklahoma are showing signs of drought, and this mysterious shift in the winds brought rain to these very dry states, as well as drastically dropping the temperatures.

On Saturday, July 13, 2013, the temperature in Dallas, Texas reached a dry 103 degrees with no rain in the forecast. By Sunday, the temperature climbed no higher than 77 degrees with rain.

No one predicted this very strange and mysterious shift in the winds, but no one in this part of the country is complaining at the moment….