“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
– Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

Welcome to extinctiontheory.com. I have something to share with you that can change your future and your children’s future.

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We’re At A Crossroads

Don’t let the website name fool you. The extinctiontheory.com is not an apocalyptic website offering predictions of impending doom. Actually, it is just the opposite.  I created extinctiontheory.com to educate, stimulate, and motivate people to gracefully accept “our place” amid the powerful rise in Earth changes today.

Humanity is at a crossroads, and we must view Earth changes with a different outlook while we are living here.

The Earth is evolving; it is growing older, and simply put – this planet will never return to the way it used to be.

Humans don’t like change, and this is my warning: we MUST learn to embrace change if we are to avoid extinction.

It is TIME FOR CHANGE – are you ready?

Our Own Tug-Of-War

Hands on a tug-of-war rope

Humanity’s in a “tug-of-war” with Nature

Too many influential people actually believe that human beings are more powerful than the Earth. World governments, corporations, banks, armchair generals, organized religions, and the plethora of pharmaceutical corporations push against Nature in the hope of securing power, gluttony, and greed.

It’s been working for thousands of years, but today is the day that it must stop if the human race is going to survive.

We must revolutionize the way we live on our planet.

 Wake Up To The Shake Up

There is little doubt that something different is happening to our planet today. The Earth is 13 million years overdue for a major planetary shift. We must accept that human beings cannot prevent or delay Earth changes.

The issue at hand is how each and every one of us chooses to experience them.

The Earth with a large earthquake crack going down it

Human beings cannot prevent or delay Earth changes and natural disasters.

The Earth ultimately determines what all life is like on this planet, your life. Our villages, cities, states, nations, and countries are meaningless to the Earth’s mountains, volcanoes, streams, rivers, oceans and seas.

Our human world has become unnaturally divided from the natural world, and humanity has begun battling against the Earth – we are actually waging war against its preeminence.

It’s time to take Earth changes seriously.

The Sixth Extinction

Extinction is an understandably uncomfortable topic for most people, and a harsh reality that modern humans hope to elude.  Extinctions are important to understand, however, because the disappearance of any species is just one of the many ever-changing cycles of life on Earth.

Extinctions are normal – extinctions are the product of Earth changes – extinctions reseed the future.

A picture of a dinosaur, which once roamed the Earth as humans do today.

The dinosaur disappeared after the Fifth Extinction, 65 million years ago.

Over the past 500 million years, there have been five major extinctions where over 50 percent of the animal species died.

During these five extinction periods, five major shifts of the Earth axis occurred. Ancient maps show that the Earth’s last major extinction occurred 65 million years ago when the poles shifted 126-1/2 degrees, destroying the dinosaurs. Actually, 85 percent of all species died during this extinction event.

Sometime in the future, there will be a sixth extinction. No one knows when, but making better choices today will preserve our existence in the interim.

Pole shifts and extinctions don’t just take place on Earth – On September 27, 2012, NASA’s Curiosity rover mission found evidence that a stream once

NASA Rover on the Surface of Mars

NASA Rover on the surface of Mars shoiws that life on Mars is now extinct.

flowed vigorously across the surface of Mars. Water on Mars is evidence that life once existed there, and this is an awesome discovery, but it also confirms that Martian life is now extinct.

Our Price Tag On Nature

Sadly, Geography, Earth Science, Environmental Science, astronomy, and geology have all been budget-cut from our public education, and our awareness of Earth changes was hacked with it.

Today, mankind’s focus has turned away from respecting Nature to finding ways to manipulate the Earth for profit and self-gratification. We have put a price tag on our planet. As a result:

A collage of price tags.

Humans put price tags on the Earth for personal gain and profit.

  • We are witnessing unprecedented planetary shifts that we are not prepared for;
  • World leaders wrongly believe that humans can control Nature;
  • Mankind does not realize that we are on the threshold of the most astounding experience in our lifetime.

Taking The Disaster Out of Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters impact the lives of billions of people worldwide because we have over-developed the Earth and built our biggest cities within Natural Disaster zones.

We build skyscrapers and nuclear power plants on top of earthquake zones. We construct double-decker bridges across

 A massive bridge

Bridges constructed over natural disaster zones are prone to destruction and damage.

miles of fractured oceans. We build cities and airports at the bases of volcanoes, and design housing developments and hospitals on flood plains. Then we blame nature when earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods destroy our possessions.

Our focus on dominance and money is distorting our awareness that this planet is mightier than the dollar.

Nature can change in an instant, and it is, right now, right under our noses. No amount of money will ever change that.

Never Too Late

A father and child holding the Earth in their hands.

By adopting a new view of the Earth, humanity can move into the future in the right direction for our future generations.

It’s never too late to reverse our direction to find our way back to living in harmony with Nature – realistically living in harmony with Nature. This, of course, is easier said than done, but will inevitably result in the most phenomenal change in humanity since the beginning of time.

By adopting a new view of the Earth, we can thrust our wishes and desires in the right direction, into a place that is more down-to-Earth, and certainly more in synch with the on-going power of this planet.