5.2 Vanuatu And 5.3 Solomon Island Quakes Cause Flood Advisory For Hawaiian Islands

An USGS map of the Vanuatu island chain in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Vanuatu island chain in the South Pacific Ocean – USGS

The Pacific Rim woke up again on Wednesday morning. After another 6.5 magnitude quake hit the New Ireland Region of Papua, New Guinea in the midnight hours, Vanuatu started the day with a 5.2 magnitude quake, followed by a 5.3 on the Solomon Islands. These large earthquakes exacerbated flooding on the Hawaiian islands and along the island chains north of Australia and New Guinea.

Remember to keep an eye on earthquakes along the Vanuatu island chain – when big ones start in this island region, they create a chain reaction around the world.

Hawaii Under Water

Because of Hawaii’s location in the Pacific Ocean, large earthquakes occurring along the Pacific Rim (Ring of Fire) can create the threat of tsunami waves that travel toward this vulnerable island chain. Earthquakes from Alaska to the west coast of South America, as well as quakes on the western side of the Ring of Fire create underwater vibrations that “paddle” large waves into Hawaii’s path.

Less than a decade ago, you could count on one hand the number of large earthquakes occurring along the Ring of Fire . Today, the increase in significant earthquakes is occurring weekly, and now – daily. 

Will Hawaii get a break from the stirring ocean waters? Probably not as more earthquakes increase worldwide, and along the Ring of Fire.

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