Big Storms Coming To Plains And Midwest

The Weather Channel storm map showing serious storms over the Midwest.

Severe storms are rolling into the Plains and the Midwest again this week.

Heads Up

Another round of storms will be over the Plains and the Midwest Wednesday through Friday, May 22-24, 2013, and I don’t think anyone needs a reminder to take these storms seriously. On Monday, Kansas had at least one tornado on the ground, and this is setting the scene for more to follow.

Faster Forming Tornadoes

A picture of a perfectly formed tornado from a storm spotter in Kansas, May 2013.

Picture perfect tornado in Kansas May 2013 – youtube

Climate change, solar storms, polar shifts, and all-around “global warming” have changed how violent storms are forming today.

Tornadoes these days are forming quicker, and are much larger and more powerful than most tornadoes a decade ago – and they are grabbing a lot more real estate once on the ground.

This week’s storm system is a very large system covering many states from Texas to Wisconsin.

Be Prepared

Remember that Nature is just doing what “Nature does.”  No one should fear Nature or big storms, but we all should respect their power and abilities. Realizing that Nature can change in an instant is our best reminder to be prepared – I mean really be prepared.

With enough warning, and with properly constructed buildings and safe shelters within everyone’s reach, large populations in the path of severe storms can better ride them out.

Our local municipalities are finally figuring out that building codes should trump developer profits, and in the future, all new communities should be built with higher quality and frugal planning to sustain increasing Earth changes.

Keep your NOAA weather radio and the Weather Channel on (as long as you have electricity, that is) – these are your eyes and ears during severe storms. Keep some bottled water in the basement and grab a long leash for the dog.

Stay Safe!


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