Earthquake Activity Increases In Yellowstone

A picture of a Grand Canyon in Yellowstone National Park.

A Grand Canyon in Yellowstone National Park.

Earthquake activity is increasing in Yellowstone National Park, but, actually, small quake activity is increasing all over the USA in places that typically do not experience much noticeable ground shaking.

Quake List

Since June 30, 2013, the USA has experienced the following quakes in order of occurrence: (I did not include Alaska, Hawaii, or California because the list would be too long.)

  1. Madill, Oklahoma – 3.0
  2. La Pine, Oregon – 2.5
  3. West Yellowstone, Montana – 2.7
  4. Englewood, Tennessee – 2.5
  5. West Yellowstone, Montana – 2.5
  6. Fairport Harbor, Ohio – 3.2
  7. Enid, Oklahoma – 2.9
  8. Enid, Oklahoma – 3.3
  9. West Yellowstone, Montana – 3.1
  10. West Yellowstone, Montana – 2.7
  11. Meeker, Oklahoma – 2.6
  12. Battle Mountain, Montana – 2.5
  13. West Yellowstone, Montana – 2.9
  14. Fairfield Bay, Arkansas – 2.8
  15. Spanish Springs, Nevada – 2.8

The magnitudes may seem small, but the list is long for the continental US. Most of the movement is along the old Craton boundary, but when Yellowstone increases in activity, pay attention to that ...


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