Earthquake Intensity Increases All Over The Globe

A picture of the Earth with an earthquake crack going down the USA and S America

Increase in earthquake intensity worldwide

There is little doubt that the Earth’s crust is shifting as earthquakes increase in intensity worldwide. Week by week, the planet’s surface is becoming more unstable, and more sinkholes, fissures, landslides, and geysers are surfacing all over the globe.

Let’s look at the earthquakes over 6.0 magnitude that occurred this past week:

6.0  April 13, 2013 Vanuatu

6.6  April 14, 2013 Bougainville Region, Papua New Guinea

7.8  April 16, 2013 Iran-Pakistan Border

6.6  April 16, 2013 North Coast Papua New Guinea, PNG

7.2  April 19, 2013 Kuril Islands

6.0  April 19, 2013 Kuril Islands

6.6  April 20, 2013 Western Sichuan, China (this quake occurred merely 2 minutes after midnight on the 20th – there are 23 hours remaining)

Earthquake Swarms Increasing

Over this past week, we have witnessed an increase in earthquake swarms around the globe. Swarms are occurring in:


Iran-Pakistan Border Region

Papua New Guinea

Izu Islands, Japan

Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Honshu, Japan

Oklahoma, USA

Kuril Islands

Sichuan, China

Pay Attention To The Patterns

Merely a few years ago, a 4.0 magnitude earthquake was a big deal. Quakes less than 4.0 were never taken seriously because they typically caused little property damage. Pay attention to the patterns today, though. Week by week and month by month, earthquake magnitudes are creeping higher and higher. We are now witnessing an increase in powerful quakes, and expect to see this pattern rise as the year goes on.








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