Earthquakes On The Rise – 6.9 In New Zealand and 5.9 In China

USGS shake map of 6.9 earthquake in New Zealand

A 6.9 magnitude earthquake shakes Cook Strait, New Zealand amid an earthquake swarm – USGS

Over the past few days, a string of powerful earthquakes has shaken the Pacific Rim, especially around New Zealand. And quakes are increasing in magnitude, day by day.

Intensity Increasing

Merely a few months ago, we were seeing more 4.0 magnitude quakes worldwide. Slowly but surely, the magnitude of global earthquakes has intensified, and today we are witnessing more 5.0 quakes and more 6.0 quakes.

Over the next few weeks and months, let’s see if we start seeing more 7.0 and 8.0 quakes shaking our little planet.

Over The Past Week

This past week, there have been over 1,440 earthquakes worldwide; 225 earthquakes over 2.5 magnitude, and 97 quakes over 4.5 magnitude.

On July 18, 2013, the South Pacific began to open up around Vanuatu, Kermadec, and New Zealand, and earthquakes ricocheted back and forth across the Pacific Rim like a volley in a tennis match.

The following quakes are in order of occurrence:

  1. 5.1  Vanuatu
  2. 5.3  New Zealand
  3. 4.6  East Pacific Rise
  4. 5.4  Vanuatu
  5. 4.5  New Zealand
  6. 4.6  East Pacific Rise
  7. 5.1  Solomon Islands
  8. 5.7  New Zealand
  9. 5.1  Solomon Islands
  10. 4.9 Vanuatu
  11. 4.5  Vanuatu
  12. 5.8  New Zealand
  13. 4.7  New Zealand
  14. 4.8  New Zealand
  15. 6.9  New Zealand
  16. 4.6  New Zealand
  17. 4.7  New Zealand
  18. 4.7  New Zealand
  19. 4.7  New Zealand
  20. 4.9  New Zealand
  21. 4.5  New Zealand
  22. 4.6  New Zealand

Today, earthquakes are increasing in historic numbers, and in “earthquake swarms”,  signaling major Earth movement. This is something to be concerned about.


USGS small world globe showing the earthquake in Chabu, China

5.9 magnitude quake in Gansu, China occurred shortly after the 6.9 quake in New Zealand – USGS

July 21, 2013 during the earthquake swarm in New Zealand, China had three large quakes – 5.9, 4.7, and 5.6, followed by a 4.9 in Chile and a 5.4 magnitude quake in Argentina.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings …




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