How We Can Save Our Planet. It’s Insanely Simple.

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If we are going to survive on this planet, we need to get our smarts on, and start thinking differently.

I don’t care who you are – a movie star, a rock star, a CEO, an elected politician or a Walmart greeter. If you are one of the people claiming that humans have caused earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or hurricanes, you are doing this planet more harm than good.

Go take an Earth Science class. You’ll be amazed what you will learn because we need to get our smarts on, and start thinking differently if we are going to survive on this planet.

Humans have become so arrogant, we expect Nature to conform to our wishes as opposed to modifying our lifestyles to balance with Nature. Hence, modern humans have been trying to control Nature, and we don’t know who to blame when that control does not succeed.

When I see someone like singer Beyoncé use her popularity to try to convince her fans that humans are the cause of natural disasters, global warming, and climate change, I get frustrated, and very sad at the ignorance that’s epidemic today.

Maybe these people mean well, but they are grossly off-base, and they have this all wrong.

Let’s start with understanding that there is a BIG difference between natural Earth cycles and human pollution.

Humans are contributing to the harmful effects of natural disasters through geo-engineering, destructive endless war, and infinite pollution – this means that we are messing in our nests and making things worse. 

Our bad decisions, our desire to control all life around us, and endless pollution is NOT the cause of Earth changes. 

The cause is the Earth itself. 

We need to put Earth science classes back into public schools so people will truly understand that humans aren't causing climate change - they are just making things worse.

We need to put Earth science classes back into public schools so people will truly understand that humans aren’t causing climate change – they are just making things worse.

If people like Beyoncé want to keep blaming humanity, then the solution is to STOP the wars, STOP dumping plastic and radiation in the oceans, STOP chemtrails and geo-engineering, STOP using oil and gas, invest tax dollars in to alternative energies, and put Earth science classes back into public schools so people will truly understand that humans aren’t creating hurricanes – we are just making these natural events worse.

Humans are not more powerful than this magnificent planet, and we must get this through our heads sooner than later if we want to survive more upcoming Earth changes.

And, more are coming. They will never stop. Nor should they.

Learn The Difference Between Climate Change And Human Pollution

I cannot stress enough the difference between natural Earth cycles, which result in crazy Earth changes, and human pollution, which makes the situations worse

Humans are in the way.

We are messing in our nest, and this is creating historic pollution that will kill this planet if we don’t wake up. 

When a hurricane comes on shore or when a wildfire sadly burns thousands of acres of forests and farmland, the Earth’s natural cycle of restoration kicks into gear, and Nature regenerates. Animals either fly away, swim away or burrow deep underground in order to survive. Not all make it, but most can, and do.

What do humans do?

  • We construct major cities in natural disaster zones;
  • Humans build million dollar vacation homes within hurricane pathways;
  • Housing developers construct cheap housing developments without basements in tornado alleys;
  • We make flooding worse by paving miles and miles of concrete over porous farm fields and meadows – soil that naturally absorbs water and storm run-off.
A picture of Hong Kong, Japan, a major city built within a natural disaster zone.

Humans build major populated cities on top of active earthquake zones and too close to the oceans.

Then we blame Nature when a natural disaster occurs, and we whine that a natural disaster destroyed our man-made possessions.

Why Humans Don’t Cause Climate Change

Humans do not cause climate change. Natural disasters, climate change, Ice Ages and global warming are all part of the Earth’s on-going operating system. 

That said, humans DO CAUSE many tragic effects.

Oil pumps in the sunset.

Our addiction to oil and gas is creating many environmental problems, but we refuse to replace this industry with one much cleaner.

  1. Humans POLLUTE with chemicals and man-made products that DO NOT decompose, such as plastics;
  2. Humans destroy Nature through the demolition of war;
  3. Humans experiment with the atmosphere trying to control it by playing around with geo-engineering, which dangerously interrupts the ocean currents and natural weather patterns. (THIS can result in stronger hurricanes.);
  4. Humans are destroying the oceans with not only non-degradable packaging, medical waste, and trash, but Fukushima is doing damage to the Pacific Ocean that is being downplayed by global governments;
  5. Humans cut down thousands of acres of forests for timber and farming;
  6. Humans refuse to give up their addiction to petroleum, which suppresses alternative energy progress.

The list goes on, and I get very frustrated with the totally misleading “global warming meme” being pushed today.

A line of wooden power poles.

Our power grid is antiquated beyond its limits. When it is destroyed in a hurricane, we don’t change things – we simply put the poles back up in the same places.

Yes, we have messed in our nest, and when a natural disaster destroys are man-made world, we DO NOT rebuild in more futuristic ways, nor are we implementing solutions to stop endless wars, pollution of every kind, or improve our ignorance.

Wake up people, and wake up those around you. Put your smarts on, and stop listening to the stupidity of mainstream pop stars.

Humans are not the cause of  today’s Earth changes, but we are certainly making things worse and we are not doing anything to change it.


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