Incredible Movement At The Poles Brings Our Future Closer

A picture of he Earth and the Moon in space.

The Earth is changing, and when we learn to change with it, life becomes exciting.

Most everyone is realizing that climate change, Earth changes, and natural disasters aren’t going away. Our world is different today, and day-by-day, it continues to change.

It’s exciting to be here at this time to witness these changes, and it doesn’t mean that disasters will bring life to an end. Earth changes mean growth, evolution, new life, and an awesome, future experience.

Uptick In Earthquakes

Look for the signs that Earth changes are increasing, and that our true future is getting closer. One BIG hint is the increase in the magnitude of earthquakes. Slowly over time (which is actually upon us now), the movement of the Earth and the shift at the North and South polar axis increases.

A picture of the North Pole on a small USGS map.

An increase in earthquakes at the North Polar region, September 2013 – USGS


USGS small Earth globe showing Nicaragua

An increase in earthquakes at the equator, September 2013 – USGS


The Northern axis region of our planet began to move the Earth on September 1, 2013. By September 5, 2013, the shift was affecting the equator.  Large earthquakes at both of these locations clearly map the “axis shift.” Follow these large quakes below as they progress in time and location: (many quakes occurred, but I only posted the larger ones)

  1. 6.0 Alaska – September 1
  2. 5.5  Alaska – September 1
  3. 6.5  Indonesia – September 1
  4. 5.6  New Zealand – September 1
  5. 6.5  Indonesia – September 1
  6. 5.6  Russia – September 1
  7. 6.1  Papua New Guinea – September 1
  8. 6.0  Canada – September 3
  9. 6.5  Off Japan – September 3
  10. 6.5  Alaska – September 3
  11. 5.5  Alaska – September 3
  12. 6.0  Alaska – September 4
  13. 6.2  Alaska – September 4
  14. 6.o  Off Brazil – September 4
  15. 5.6  Alaska – September 5
  16. 6.o  Costa Rica – September 5
  17. 5.6  Papua New Guinea – September 5
  18.  …   it’s merely noon CST September 5, 2013

As earthquakes get larger at the poles and at the equator, we will know that the poles are shifting more and more. We need to pay attention to this because THIS is our sign to start making some global cultural changes.

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Select alternative news as opposed to mainstream media information.

Mainstream Media and Ancient Texts

Sadly, I recommend not paying too much attention to what mainstream media wants you to believe. Most alternative websites, radio podcasts, and videos are more on top of Earth changes than national news, but some independent sites are over-the-top, too. Be smart about your sources of information.

For example, Nibiru is not a death star, and aliens are not poised outside our view waiting to enslave us. Earth changes can be scary because we do not have a “roadmap” to follow. Ancient texts give us a few ambiguous hints about what has happened in the past that may repeat in the future, but no human animal has the ability to predict what is beyond our understanding or view.

There is no doubt that Earth changes are upon us. Keep your eye on the increase in powerful earthquakes and their locations.  When you stay in-tune with polar shifts, you can better prepare for the changes ahead.


A picture of a hand holding a glowing earth globe in his hand with a butterfly on the globe.

Pole shifts creating Earth changes does not mean life will be destroyed – it simply means life changes. Humans must accept these changes and stop pushing against them.



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