It’s No Surprise That Volcanic Eruptions Are Increasing

A picture of Ecuador's Tungurhua volcano erupting.

Explosive activity is increasing at Ecuador’s Tungurhua volcano.

It comes as no surprise that volcanoes, worldwide, are now ramping up alongside the increase in large earthquakes these days.

Two new areas to watch are the increases in activity at the super-volcanoes under Yellowstone and New Zealand.

Maps of the ancient Craton boundary in the US and of the increase in earthquakes.

Earth activity is increasing along the ancient Craton boundary in the USA. This includes Yellowstone.

Current Activity

These volcanoes have been spewing, ashing, and out-gassing over the past few years, but explosive activity is on the rise:

  1. Santa Maria, Guatemala
  2. Pacaya, Guatemala
  3. San Miguel, El Salvador
  4. San Cristobal, Nicaragua
  5. Ubinas, Peru
  6. Tungurahua, Ecuador
  7. Reventador, Ecuador
  8. Shishaldin, USA
  9. Yellowstone, USA
  10. Popocatepeti, Mexico
  11. Copahue, Chile-Argentina

Map It

If you pin point the locations of the most recent earthquake activity on top of these volcano locations, you’ll see a pattern. As the Earth moves with greater magnitude, it releases magma flowing beneath the crust, and the magma and gas rise upward through the weaker pores in the crust – volcanoes.

We are witnessing this activity today. This can be a good thing, actually, because as long as the Earth releases internal pressure, the planet maintains its balance.




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