Japan Threatened By Another Large Earthquake

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Another large earthquake near Honshu could trigger a nuclear disaster.

I recently posted an article about the radiation threat at Fukushima. If Japan experiences more large earthquakes close to this area, it will make this nuclear situation even worse.

Another large earthquake could create the nuclear disaster humanity hopes to avoid.

Today, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake occurred approximately 326 km (200 mi) due east of Fukushima, but was far enough away, not quite powerful enough, and shallow enough to escape a large tsunami. Waves about 3 feet in height were triggered by the quake, and rolled along a 200-mile stretch of Japan’s east coast.

Magnitude Downgrade

The quake first registered as a 7.5, but it was quickly downgraded to a 7.3, and again to a 7.1 in magnitude. Downgrading the magnitude will not lessen the effects of another large quake weakening this highly fractured area.

Minimizing the danger does no service to the people who will be affected if the Fukushima power plant is damaged again.

5.0+ Earthquakes Worldwide October 23 – 25, 2013

The USGS small globe showing the earthquake at the South Sandwich Islands

A 6.7 magnitude quake occurred at the South Sandwich Islands hours before a 7.5 quake initially registered east of Honshu, Japan – USGS

(in order of occurrence)

  1. 5.5  Tonga
  2. 5.0  Fiji
  3. 5.0  Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  4. 5.6  North of New Zealand
  5. 5.0  Russia (North of Japan)
  6. 4.8  Mexico and 4.9 Russia (OK, I slipped these in assuming they have been downgraded)
  7. 5.0  Colombia
  8. 5.5  India (Indian Ocean)
  9. 6.7  South Sandwich Islands
  10. 5.4  Tonga
  11. 5.0  Tonga
  12. 4.8  Amsterdam Island (I did it again)
  13. 7.5  (7.3, 7.1 ?) Japan (Honshu)
  14. 5.3  Carlsberg Ridge
  15. 5.4  Tonga
  16. 5.1  Japan (Honshu)

All we can do is watch the patterns of Earth movement and be prepared for pending activity out of Japan. We can certainly hope for the best.

Now, let’s see what volcanic activity responds to this shift in Earth movement.

A picture of a volcano erupting.

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