Living On The Craton Boundary

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

Earthquakes can cause objects to fall off your shelves; this might come as a surprise in areas not typically known for earthquakes.

I came into my office this morning to discover some books had fallen off the bookshelfHum. Those were heavy books.

Then I remembered that the Craton boundary is REALLY active right now, and Texas (where I live), Oklahoma (north of me), and states from Tennessee to Montana are moving.

Since I live on the Craton, there must have been some movement during the night that knocked those books off my shelf.

Living On The Craton

The following are earthquakes that have occurred along the US Craton boundary over the past 48 hours (in order of occurrence):

  1. 4.7  Death Valley, CA
  2. 3.3  Texas
  3. 2.2  Tennessee
  4. 3.0  Oregon
  5. 3.2  Montana
  6. 2.5  Oregon
  7. 2.8  Oregon
  8. 2.6  Montana
  9. 2.4  Tennessee
  10. 2.6  Montana
  11. 2.1  Nevada
  12. 2.8  Montana
  13. 3.3  Texas
  14. 3.3  Oklahoma
  15. 3.7  Oklahoma
  16. 2.3  Kentucky

Heads up! The old boundary is making its move …

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