More Large Quakes Along Pacific Rim Create Tsunami Watches

High waves crashing on the sea shore.

High waves will reach the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific Islands after the swarm of big quakes along the Pacific Rim.

So many large quakes are occurring rapidly along the Pacific Rim, it is hard to keep them straight. I have recorded the most recent quakes over the last 19 hours, beginning April 10, 2014. They are currently happening, so I will continue to keep the list updated.

Note: earthquake magnitudes are on the rise. We are seeing less 4.0 + magnitude quakes, which are now being replaced with more 5.0+, 6.0+, and 7.0+ quakes. And remember that USGS loves to keep the magnitudes as low as possible, so a 5.9 quake, to me, is a 6.0; a 6.8 quake is really a 7.0, and on and on.

Beginning April 10, 2014

These quakes created a tsunami watch for The Pacific region and Hawaii.

  1. 5.0  Iquique, Chile (offshore)
  2. 5.2  Pacific-Antarctic Ridge (South Pacific Ocean)
  3. 5.1  Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua (on-ground)
  4. 6.1  Valle San Francisco, Nicaragua (on-ground)
  5. 6.0  Iquique, Chile (offshore)
  6. 5.6  Tonga (South Pacific Ocean)
  7. 5.1  San Antonio, Chile (offshore)

These quakes created another tsunami watch for The Pacific region and Hawaii, 6 hours later.

  1. 7.3  Papua New Guinea (Solomon Islands)
  2. 5.1  SSW Papua New Guinea (Solomon Islands)
  3. 6.8  Papua New Guinea (Solomon Islands)
  4. 5.2  Papua New Guinea (Solomon Islands)
  5. 5.5  Iquique, Chile (offshore)
  6. 5.5  Papua New Guinea (Solomon Islands)


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