Oregon Prepares For 9.0 Quake

The USGS small globe showing the July 26, 2013 5.1 earthquake.

Oregon is located on a very volatile earthquake zone – USGS

Hat’s Off to Oregon for being on top of their game! The state is preparing now for the inevitable Big Quake.

The Oregon Resilience Plan

A massive geological fault off America’s northwest coast has been fairly inactive for – oh – 300 years or so. With all the large earthquakes happening along the Pacific Ring of Fire today, Oregon is taking steps to make sure that the state is prepared for the next big earthquake.

The Oregon Resilience Plan helps Oregonians know what to expect from the state’s infrastructure should a disaster strike this year or anytime in the near future. When a major disaster occurs, interruptions in public services could last as long as two weeks to 36 months.

The state is beginning work now to improve the reliability of basic services when a natural disaster occurs, and they are encouraging their citizens to plan now to be self-sufficient for far longer than a 72-hour period commonly advised for disaster preparedness.

The plan focuses primarily on potable, non-potable, and waste water systems. The Oregon Resilience Plan maps a path of policy and investment protection for the next fifty years.

Follow The Leader

A picture of a temperature thermometer that says problem, emergency, crisis, disaster.

Earth changes are building to a point of multiple natural disasters occurring worldwide. Oregon is making its safety plans before it’s too late.

Oregon is smart enough to know that if they begin to prepare now, it is possible to prevent a natural disaster from causing a statewide catastrophe.

Now is the time to have a plan.

Now is the time to take the steps into a safer future.

Every state in America should begin implementing natural disaster plans like Oregon is doing because Earth changes are upon us, and they are not going away any time soon.

Let’s ALL start spending our time and money preparing for the inevitable Earth changes that are knocking on our door.

Go Oregon.


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