String Of Powerful Global Earthquakes Strike Within Hours

The USGS small globe map showing the June 12, 2013 earthquake South of Java.

A string of powerful earthquakes begins South of Java, June 13, 2013 -USGS

Three earthquakes greater than 6.0 magnitude rocked the Earth within hours of one another beginning June 13, 2013. A 6.7 magnitude quake, the first and largest quake, struck South of Java, Indonesia. This quake followed a 5.6 quake in Nago, Japan.

Then, the global cracking moved east of Australia when the Kermadec Islands had a 6.0 magnitude quake.

The USGS small globe showing the Kermadec Islands.

6.0 magnitude quake south of the Kermadec Islands, June 2013 – USGS

And then, the other side of the Earth began to move when a 6.2 magnitude quake rocked Greece.


South of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, Pirgos, Greece was shaken by 11 large earthquakes within minutes of one another.

  1. 6.2
  2. 4.9
  3. 4.6
  4. 4.8
  5. 4.9
  6. 4.9
  7. 4.5
  8. 4.3
  9. 4.5
  10. 4.2
  11. 4.3

    Map of the string of large earthquakes in Greece, June 15, 2013 -USGS ShakeMap

    Map of the string of large earthquakes in Greece, June 15, 2013 -USGS ShakeMap

Shifting Under Our Feet

In the past, scientists once called this string of large earthquakes “after shocks”, but this is antiquated science and no longer the case. A string of quakes this powerful is a sign that MAJOR Earth movement is occurring – “aftershocks” dismiss this serious reality as mere “after-vibrations.”

Today, we must accept that these major Earth movements are permanent shifts in the crust occurring under our feet, and are much more serious than mere vibrations.

Masachapa, Nicaragua

USGS small Earth globe showing Nicaragua

Large quakes split the coast off Nicaragua – USGS

At the SAME TIME the earthquake swarm was occurring in Greece, a 6.6 rocked Masachapa, Nicaragua.  Within minutes, five large quakes occurred off the coast of Nicaragua:

  1. 6.6
  2. 4.9
  3. 5.1
  4. 4.5
  5. 4.6

Two More

At the SAME TIME the earthquake swarms were occurring in Greece and Nicaragua, a 5.5 magnitude quake occurred NNW of the Visokoi Islands in the South Pacific,

THEN, a 5.8 earthquake rocked Jololpan, Mexico north of Nicaragua.

There is little doubt that the Earth is slipping beneath our feet …

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