How Our Future Fits Into The Greater Cosmic Plan

A photo of a Super moon.

Our planet Earth is part of a magnificent system far beyond human control.

Einstein once posed the question whether God had a choice in creating the Universe. The next time you gaze into the cloudless night sky far from the city lights, you might find the answer.

Everything within the Universe is part of a larger, very meticulous and interconnected system that has been cycling and re-cycling within Nature for eternity.

Earth, including humanity, is but a small piece in a much grander design, and this blueprint was created eons ago, long before humans walked the Earth.

Einstein came closer than anyone to identifying the energy that creates matter. Some of the greatest minds in history have made discoveries so amazing, so astounding, their insights have changed the evolution of all mankind.

Through their awareness, our understanding of the Earth is where it is today. We must not forget.

The Circle Of Life

No human influence will ever exist that is mighty enough to push against the power of Nature. We must remember that all life on Earth is a dichotomy of existence; we are all individual branches stemming from one Tree of Life, and thus, we are dependent on the planet for our survival.

Once we awaken to this fact, the transformations will be so profound, the world as we know it will be irrevocably changed for the better. Every detail of why we are here will be in harmony with the Earth, and as the Earth changes in the future, we can safely change with it.

Unstoppable Earth Changes

A picture of a beautiful Monarch butterfly getting a drink of water.

To secure the future of all life on Earth, we must remember how we fit into the blueprint created eons ago.

There is little doubt that the Earth is changing, and we have no choice but to change with it. One helps the other understand where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are heading.

By rewinding a very ancient geologic clock, we can look back in time to better understand what is happening on the Earth today. By connecting the Earth changes that are now upon us with the same events that happened millions of years ago, we can better figure out how our future fits into the greater cosmic plan.

Through our awareness of the interconnected system that has been cycling and re-cycling within Nature for eternity, we will then see our future.

We must not forget.