Arctic Ice May Be Gone By 2015

A picture of the ice melting in Antarctica

Polar ice melting is contributing to rapidly rising sea levels and drastic climate change.

Scientists believe that the Arctic sea ice will completely vanish as early as 2015, drastically changing “life as we know it” and forcing endangered Arctic animals to migrate or become extinct.

Economists are worried that the rapidly melting Arctic is an “economic time bomb” that will cost the world at least $60 trillion. The world’s economists have already started to calculate the “financial consequences” of today’s fastest changing climates.

These are two very different views on this MAJOR Earth change.

Sad Or Mad?

A green dollar sign with a leaf on its top.

There is no reason why the melting Arctic ice should cost humanity $60 trillion if we leave its resources alone and start using natural alternative energy.

The changing Arctic frontier makes me sad for the animals living there because humans have trapped them within this area; we have developed into the Arctic as far as we can go. There is no where for these Arctic inhabitants to migrate into our human developed spaces.

The way humans have treated this frozen “wildlife preserve” makes me mad because we have mismanaged the Arctic and placed a price-tag on its resourcesmerely waiting for the time when we can extract them for profit.

Until now, the loss of Arctic sea ice has been seen as economically beneficial to human gluttony and manufactured greed because the melting ice opens up more shipping channels and oil and gas drilling potentials. Influential decision-makers only care about the Arctic because they estimate this region contains 30 percent of the world’s undiscovered gas and 13 percent of its undiscovered oil.

There’s no mention from the economists of the endangered animals that have been living there before humans existed. What do they plan to do with them – just put them in a zoo?

Plans For Our Future

Bottom-line, we need to leave the Arctic regions alone. Give them back to Nature, and let the Earth cycle into the next climate change. Actually, this is what will happen at the end of the day, anyway. Humans will learn, one way or another, that this planet, our solar system, and the cosmos are evolving in ways we, humans, will never be able to predict or control.

Let’s turn our energy consumption toward using alternative forms of natural energy, like geothermal, solar, and recycled biofuel. The melting of the polar ice is NOT an “economic time bomb” that will cost the world at least $60 trillion.

Alternative Fuels

If we take the price tag off the Earth’s natural resources, and take them out of the hands of the few that harvest and market them, we will discover that ALL animals can live on the Earth comfortably and affordably. And we don’t have to threaten the lives of any living thing on this vast, magnificent planet.

Leaving the Arctic alone will NOT cost the world $60 trillion – it’s just a handful of greedy harvesters and marketers who stand to lose their money.

A Lingering Frozen Spring Linked To Arctic Melting

A cartoon of a North Pole sign in a mound of snow.

Polar melting is causing global climate change.

Both the North and South Poles are melting, and the loss of ice is changing our planet’s climate patterns – both hot and cold. Melting ice adds heat to the ocean and to the atmosphere, and this shifts the position of the global wind currents, particularly the Jet Streams in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Melting At The Poles Causes Drastic Weather Changes

Scientists are finally acknowledging that the mega snowstorms and cold Spring temperatures are Earth changes caused by the dramatic loss of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. This should come as no “surprise”, but because Britain and large parts of Europe and North America have experienced historic cold weather, and Australia and countries in the Southern Hemisphere are expericning historic storms and unseasonal weather, mankind has no choice but to wake up and smell the coffee.

Too bad we did not act on this observation decades ago when the warning signs began.

Global Warming – Natural Or Man-Made?

Earth question symbol represented by a world globe model with a geographic shape of a mark questioning the state of the environment the international economy and political situation.

Is global warning man-made, natural, or both?

There is no doubt that the sea ice is going rapidly. It’s 80% less than what it was just 30 years ago, and this is a dramatic loss that is permanently altering our planet. But, this is merely one piece of our global warming puzzle, yet it contributes to dramatic climate changes worldwide. We must look deeper, wider, and farther into WHAT is causing the poles to melt.

Pole Shifts

Over the past 50 years, the Earth’s rotation has become increasingly unstable. My research shows that both the magnetic poles and the geographic poles have slipped over 20 degrees over this time period, and that is a dramatic relocation. When the Earth’s axis slips 20 degrees, the global wind and ocean currents shift 20 degrees. When the axis slips, the Jet Stream permanently shifts. This is what we are witnessing today.

Why The Poles Are Melting

Both the North and South Poles are now tilted toward the Sun in a slightly different direction because of a pole shift. This makes the summer solstices hotter and the winter solstices colder. During the summertime, the North Pole is facing into the Sun at a more direct angle, and this escalates the melting of the ice. This also repositions the Jet Stream and all global wind and oceanic patterns.

THIS is why our global climate is different today.

If modern societies recognized this 50 years ago, we would be far more prepared for today’s Earth changes. It’s not too late to turn awareness around, though. Hopefully,  we haven’t travelled too far down the wrong road.

An exit sign on a highway that says Changes: Next Exit

It’s time to get off the wrong road.

Think about getting off at the next exit.