Protecting Our Power Grids

Solar StormsSun

On March 8, 2013, the biggest solar storm in five years hit the Earth. Two days earlier on March 6, two solar flares erupted from the surface of the sun, sending a wave of plasma and charged particles traveling at speeds of 4 million mph toward Earth. Humans cannot stop the effects of intense solar radiation and geomagnetic storms affecting the Earth, but we can do something about our power grids and satellites floating in its path.

Grid The Future

The right choice for our future is to change how we “grid our future.”  In order to preserve our modern lifestyle, countries worldwide are hanging on to the old ways of powering our technological dependancies, but with Earth changes increasing,  this will never work.  It’s time to tap into the many forms of free energy, and just think of all the jobs that will be generated when we change the present grid. It’s a win-win situation.

Humans put price tags on the Earth for personal gain profit.

Our Antiquated Energy Monopolies

Going Underground

Electric power and power lines fueled by petroleum are antiquated, but at the very least, “this grid” needs to go underground instead of remaining overhead. Underground cables take up less space than overhead lines, and they are less affected by bad weather and solar storms. Underground lines do not provide the immense pull on power loads, but these forms of electricity should NEVER be our only source of power. With the amount of free energy on this planet, humans worldwide should be using several different forms of energy – all at the same time. If one goes down, then another is still on-line. And, this prevents energy monopolies.

By adopting a new view of the Earth, humanity can move into the future in the right direction.

Moving Into A Better Future

Plugging Into Nature’s Grid

As we experience more natural disasters and solar storms, tapping into different, and safer, forms of energy is the way into the future. The Earth has provided unlimited free energy for all life on this planet – geothermal, wind, solar, water, and magnetic energy. There are enough alternative resources to support everyone and everything when we take the price tags off our antiquated system.

It’s time to plug into Nature’s grid.