Are Chemtrails A Real Crisis Or A Hoax?

Chemicals sprayed in the Earth's atmosphere to stop global warming.

Are Chemtrails real?

Are Chemtrails the #1 conspiracy of our lifetime?

Why are respectable scientists being told that they are crazy conspiracy theorists?

Is this chemical spraying the root cause of diseases like the recent measles outbreak and Alzheimer’s today?

Is “global warming” the Trojan Horse, misguiding the population?

We are being told that weather modification doesn’t exist, but scientists and environmental professionals know that “someone” is adding toxic chemicals into the global atmosphere.

Adding More, Not Less

We should be focusing on lessening the number of chemicals in our atmosphere, not adding more. The increase in toxins in our atmosphere is undoubtably on the rise.

To me, it’s a global experiment, and whether this began as a charitable motive or a sinister one, either way, the truth is not coming front and center. Scientists and we, the people, are being told that Chemtrails don’t exist. Too few are making decisions that involve all life on the planet.

If this “debate” is discussed within the UK Parliament and other world governments, then it’s real. No matter how decision-makers justify making decisions like this behind closed doors, the secrecy and the denials are wrong.

Please watch this video, which is very well-done, and LEARN what you are not being told for the sake of our future generations.

GeoEngineering Backfires – Tornadoes Touch Down 300 Miles East Of Blizzard

A storm spotter photo of Saturday's tornado in Kansas.

Tornadoes touched down in Illinois at the same time a blizzard struck Iowa.

Five tornadoes touched down in Central Illinois Thursday afternoon at the same time the National Weather Service in Des Moines issued a Blizzard Warning for Thursday, February 20, 2014,

These storms were merely 300 miles apart. Is this common? Is this natural? Not on your life.

Is this Geoengineering gone wrong? You bet.

A blizzard

A blizzard covered Iowa and the western Midwest at the same time tornadoes struck 300 miles east in Illinois.

What Is Geoengineering?

Geoengineering is the “politically correct” word for weather modification. Weather warfare. Chemtrails.

Once upon a time, anyone exposing this technology was considered a crazy conspiracy theorist, but today, when devastating weather events that are as unnatural as tornadoes touching down 300 miles away from a blizzard – in February –  well, to not acknowledge the existence of weather modification is denial.

Chemicals sprayed in the Earth's atmosphere to stop global warming.

Chemtrails alter the Earth’s natural atmosphere and spray toxins into the air.

A Quick Lesson In Weather Modification

These videos are some of the best I’ve seen, and the most thorough explanations of what is going on, and why. Please take the time to watch these videos because it is our responsibility to understand what is happening to our planet at the hands of a few. (the video is at the end of the article)

If we do not become aware of the damage that has been done to our planet’s ecosystems, we will allow the irresponsible destruction to continue.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? Of course not. I am a scientist that understands what is going wrong at the hands of unnatural, human forces. The more we share this knowledge, the greater chance we have to save our planet.

That’s humane.