A Shift At The Poles Causes 7.3 Earthquake


A USGS small globe map of 7.3 earthquake location

July 15, 2013 7.3 earthquake at the South Polar region off the South Sandwich Islands – USGS

A shift at the North and South Poles caused a 7.3 earthquake off the South Sandwich Islands after three large earthquakes shook Greenland, north of Iceland.

On Monday, July 15, 2013, Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland had a 4.4 magnitude quake, followed by a 4.5 earthquake just minutes later, and another 4.4 quake two hours after that.

Merely 30 minutes after the North Polar quakes occurred, the South Polar region was shaken by a 7.3 quake off the South Sandwich Islands.

USGS small globe showing location of the earthquakes off Greenland on July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 earthquakes at the North Polar region off Greenland, north of Iceland – USGS

When The Axis Shifts

When the Earth’s axis shifts at the poles, even the most miniscule amount, global climate patterns shift, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanoes, violent storms, and tsunamis increase, which results in massive floods covering the Earth.

By the year 2000 A.D., the Earth’s axis had slipped 1/2 degree. This doesn’t seem like much, but this altered thousands of miles of the Earth’s surface and changed the atmosphere.

In March 2011, the axis slipped another 17 cm (6 1/2 in), and this slip of the poles caused one of the largest earthquakes and tsunamis in modern history to batter the island of Japan with walls of water equal to the force of an EF5 tornado.

Axis shifting at the poles is becoming more active, but we don’t have time to sit around and debate this issue. Earth changes are upon us, and as we witness earthquake patterns like today’s polar shaking of the crust, we must increase our awareness that changes are HERE and changes are happening NOW.


North Korea Threatens Nuclear War While The Earth’s Axis Becomes Dangerously Unstable

As of April 12. 2013, North Korea has warned the USA, the UK, and Japan of impending nuclear attacks as if our world leaders are playing “real life video games.” NO ONE is paying attention to the fact that the Earth may be holding the ultimate “controller.”

A picture of he Earth in space.

Our Mighty Planet Earth

The Earth’s Axis Is Becoming Increasingly Unstable

As mankind focuses on the fear of war, our planet is setting up for its own major shift that can cause massive global devastation. For either  scenario, humans can avoid a disaster – man-made or natural – if we turn our focus onto what really needs to happen to secure our survival. At the end of the day, NO ONE has considered the fact that a shift of the Earth’s axis might be the ultimate event that stops us all from traveling too far down the wrong road.

Increasing their threats of an attack, North Korea has warned Japan that Tokyo could be the first target in the event of a war on the Korean Peninsula. The United States, South Korea, Japan, and the entire International community of arm-chair generals are defending their positions that North Korea will never be accepted as a nuclear power threat.

Meanwhile, earthquakes are occurring at both the North and South Poles, signaling the threat of an axis shift. Is anybody out there?

Tsunami Of Great Proportions

A USGS map of the Earth at the South Pole

April 12, 2013 Earthquake at the South Pole – USGS

A picture of the North Pole on a small USGS map.

April 12, 2013 Earthquake at North Pole – USGS

April 10, 2013, Vanuatu reacted to an axis slip with a 4.6 magnitude quake, which was followed a few hours later by a 4.8 quake on Western Greenland. Then, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the North Pole north of Franz Josef Land in the Arctic Sea. Movement shifted back to the South Pole when a 4.7 quake rattled the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge less than eight hours later.

As the poles continue to shift, continental ice on Antarctica will be pushed into the sea, and polar instability will resonate throughout the equatorial waters. A global tsunami of great proportions will devastate the Earth, but no one is watching for it. Our global leaders are too busy playing “video games.”