US Craton And Mississippi Valley Shifting Again

A map of the North American Craton boundary.

The North American Craton boundary – Wilipedia

Some very interesting movement is taking place in the interior USA. Small to medium-sized earthquakes are again shaking the Craton boundary and the Mississippi Valley.

Check This Out

Beginning November 1, 2013 through November 6, 2013, the following quakes occurred. Some movement is subsurface volcanic activity (Oregon), some is the weakening of the crust from fracking (Oklahoma), and one appears to be from a quarry blast, but ALL should be recognized as crustal movement, and that’s always significant:

  1. 2.7  Beatty, Nevada
  2. 3.7  Edmond, Oklahoma
  3. 2.6  Spencer, Oklahoma
  4. 2.7  Jones, Oklahoma
  5. 3.6  Spencer, Oklahoma
  6. 2.5  Spencer, Oklahoma
  7. 2.7  Spencer, Oklahoma
  8. 2.6  Spencer, Oklahoma
  9. 2.7  Jones, Oklahoma
  10. 3.1  Dillon, Montana
  11. 3.3  Spencer, Oklahoma
  12. 3.2  Countryside, Illinois (quarry blast?)
  13. 3.8  Jones, Oklahoma
  14. 3.2  Spencer, Oklahoma
  15. 3.2  Bandon, Oregon
  16. 2.7  Baker City, Oregon
  17. 2.6  Reno, Texas (west of Ft. Worth)
  18. 4.0  Offshore Oregon

Human Interference

The building that collapsed into the FLorida sinkhole.

A building collapsed into a sinkhole. Humans are interfering with Nature in ways that harm the people living there. Photo posted to Twitter by RedHuber.

We must remember that human interference is weakening an already fractured crust. Don’t blame Nature – blame development.

The old Craton boundary is where the ocean once met the North American shore, and these are areas rich in ancient, fossilized natural resources that we, modern humans, are addicted to.

As technology taps into, and over extracts, these resources, the crust becomes even weaker. This leaves Americans susceptible to earthquake effects.

Pay attention to these shifts at the Craton and Mississippi Valley because they will move as the Earth moves. This not only signals the shifting at the poles, but it also reminds us how human interference in the natural Earth/cosmic cycle will cause more damage to the people living within these areas.