Alaska’s Getting Slammed

A cartoon of a North Pole sign in a mound of snow.

Alaska is getting slammed with natural disasters caused by polar shifts and Earth changes.

Poor Alaska. Our northern polar region is changing faster than expected, and Alaska is experiencing several different types of natural disasters all at the same time. Alaska is getting slammed right now.

Increase In Earthquakes

So far today, August 30, 2013, the Alaska Peninsula has had 11 earthquakes, with one a 6.8 magnitude followed by a 7.0 quake. Tsunami watches were sent out for Hawaii, but no alerts were issued.

Increase In Volcanoes

A picture of the White Island volcano

Volcanic eruptions are increasing along the Alaskan Peninsula.

More vigorous activity has picked up at the Pavlof and Veniaminof volcanoes, both on the Alaskan Peninsula. Sadly, scientists downplay these eruptions as just meaning more ash. No biggie, right?

Nope, this is not a good sign to what’s ahead.

Polar Ice Melt

Scientists are finally admitting that polar ice is melting faster  than expected, and this, of course, means more climate changes and sea level rises.

Yet, little is being done to slow down the drilling for oil and gas in this region. Actually, drilling is intensifying before the ice melts.

A baby and mother polar bear looking endearing at one another.

Humans and Alaskan wildlife will one day compete for territory.

Danger To Wildlife

As Alaska and the polar regions continue to warm and melt, the wildlife is migrating. This is a problem because humans have developed as far north as they can cost-effectively go.

Hum, who’s going win this territorial battle? Well, another oil spill might sadly remedy this future problem before it comes to a head.

Time To Wake Up

My hope is that enough people will wake up to the seriousness of our present-day reality and stop leaving the solutions to the politicians who are working for corporate gains. We can make the right changes needed to advance naturally WITH climate change – choices that do not threaten humans or wildlife. There is little profit in it, though.

The saddest thing about the changes in Alaska today is that more and more people are actually beginning to believe that we cannot do anything about it.

That’s the biggest concern of all – apathy is much larger than a 7.0 earthquake, a tsunami, or a volcanic eruption. It’s time to wake up and start making the right changes.