Mexico’s Popcatepeti Volcano Increasing Danger To Mexico City

Alert levels have increased from Yellow Phase 2 to Yellow Phase 3 at Popcatepeti Volcano in Central Mexico. The next alert level will be Red, and evacuations will begin taking place when this alert is activated. CENAPRED said that the volcano has increased its gas and ash emissions since the first week in July. They are taking this situation seriously, which is the responsible thing to do.

A picture of Mexico City

Heavily populated Mexico City located 43 miles (70 km) NW of Popocatepetl Volcano.

Mexico City

Mexico City is located 43 miles (70 km) NW of Popocatepetl Volcano, which presents a bit of a hazard to the 19 million people living there.

A number of US-based airlines have cancelled their flights to Mexico City, even though the airport remains open and most Mexican airlines are still operating their flights.

There’s 19 million back-up plans in the works at the moment. Wow.