Tearing Down Our Major Cities

There have been 134 earthquakes over 4.5 magnitude in the past seven days. We know from earthquake records from 2000 – 2010 that there is an average of  500,000 earthquakes every year, and 100,000 of these are actually felt. The world’s deadliest recorded earthquake occurred in 1556 in central China. It struck a region where most people lived in caves carved out of soft rock. These dwellings collapsed during the earthquake, killing an estimated 830,000 people.

A picture of Hong Kong, a major city built within a natural disaster zone.

Building Major Cities Within Natural Disasters Zones

Today, China is experiencing an earthquake swarm, and, so far, the largest of the quakes, a 6.6 magnitude, occurred in Western China on April 20, 2013. If 830.000 people were killed in the year 1556, how many people might be effected today when the population of Hong Kong in 2012 was 7.1 million people – 0.10 percent of the world’s total population? If an earthquake or tsunami were to hit Hong Kong today, one person in every 982 people on the planet could be killed.

Moving Out Of Harms Way

Instead of building bigger cities, larger skyscrapers, taller bridges, and more complex transportation networks, it is time to relocate the mass concentration of people living in natural disaster zones. If we don’t begin “lowering” the tall buildings stacked merely feet from one another, and start “spreading” urban populations out, the Earth will do it for us.

We can change where we build our cities; we can reconstruct our massive bridges and highway systems; we can change where we concentrate our populations. Learning how to do this comes through awareness and a willingness to accept our limits. The Earth is different today, so we must accept that we have to change with it.

A cartoon picture of a mad scientist with buildings in background.

Our mega-cities have become unnatural human creations that are out of balance with Nature.

Cities Are Not Real

Modern humans have yet to realize that the “ideal” cities and developing nations that we have “created” are not real. They do not exist in the Earth’s reality because they are simply characteristics of manmade concepts and creations that humans carry out to the extreme.

Cities are made of steel and concrete, and high rises, shopping malls, and crowded neighborhoods are merely a product of man-made “constructs” drawing our focus away from the imminent influences of what is real. Today, we are facing the realization that the physical Earth, and its enduring movements, ultimately determine all life on this planet, your life.

Our villages, cities, states, nations, and countries are meaningless to the Earth’s mountains, volcanoes, streams, rivers, oceans and seas. Our human world has become unnaturally divided from the natural world, and humanity has begun battling with the Earth as if waging war against its preeminence. We play the victim when natural disasters occur.

We are overstepping our boundaries and have worn out our welcome here. Sadly, mankind’s influences are no longer a natural part of the Earth’s standard operating system.

If we wake up to the reality that we can make things better, we can then begin implementing safe places to concentrate our populations. Let’s begin with disassembling our mega-cities, and spread out our population into safer places to live and work. And hey, just think of all the jobs this will create…..