The Fall Of Corporate Foods Worldwide

A picture of the shell cracked on a boiled egg.

The fall of corporate foods. Don’t put your eggs in one basket – they just might break.

Have you ever heard the expression: don’t put your eggs in one basket? If the basket falls, ALL your eggs get broken.

This applies to our food today – don’t let corporate farming be our only source of food. If the food becomes toxic, like GMOs for example, ALL our food is worthless. Then there WILL be a food crisis.

There Isn’t A Food Crisis – Yet

Today, we seem surprised to hear that the world’s population isn’t going to starve if we start growing our own food again. Big corporations have made us believe that without them, there will not be enough food to feed our global population. That’s simply not true.

Back in the day before corporations like Monsanto and Cargil came on the market, we didn’t have a problem feeding ourselves. People grew much healthier food, super-weeds didn’t exist, the bees were not endangered, local farmers were an important part of the community, and food prices were reasonable.

When did we get so far off-track?

Taking Our Food Back

A picture of a wheat field.

Let’s take growing our food back from the big corporations.

Go outside of the American borders and learn how other countries are feeding themselves.  People aren’t going to starve to death because they don’t have a donut shop on every street corner that’s next to a hamburger joint that’s next to a chicken take-out.

And try not to be too amazed that local farming, urban farming, and community farming can produce enough food to feed a country.

Urban Farming

One of the most renown urban farms was at Machu Picchu. Urban farming is simply locating agriculture in or around a city to serve urban populations. It’s healthier, convenient, lucrative, and fun.


Los Angeles animator Rudy Zappa Martinez started bagriculture in 1998. This form of urban farming works great in densely populated cities. It uses grow-bags to grow a wide range of crops. Apartment dwellers with no yards and people with very small backyards can set up bags on a balcony or in a small area. There are many types of hanging bags available to plant vegetables, fruits, greens, and herbs. The bags are made from a variety of materials, including canvas, weed barrier fabric, and polyester, all having semi-porous properties so the soil can drain adequately.

Returning To Nature

Most every country in the world practices small farming and local farming , and they are resisting the global push from American Big Corps to take over their food supply. Most every country in the world, except the United States, is healthier, thinner, and less dependent on pharmaceuticals, too.

There is no food crisis – just a poorly engineered scare tactic by the big corps to try to control our planet’s food supply. This drives up consumer costs that go into their pockets, and keeps the consumer under their thumb.

Don’t put your eggs in one basket. It just might fall and break.