Real Climate Change Solution #16

climate change solution #16 written on a picture of the Amazon rain forest

Real Climate Change Solution #16

Huge Quakes Strike From Mexico To New Guinea Today

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

Large earthquakes are occurring all over the Pacific Rim today.

The Earth is lighting up! Today, large quakes – very large quakes – rattled Mexico to New Guinea:

  1. 6.2  Balleny Island region
  2. 5.2  Balleny Island region
  3. 5.2  Sabtang, Philippines
  4. 5.6  Noatak, Alaska
  5. 5.6  Noatak, Alaska (#2)
  6. 6.6  Kirakira, Solomon Islands
  7. 7.5  Petatlan, Mexico
  8. 5.5  Balleny Island region
  9. 7.0  Papua New Guinea

No tsunami warning was issued, but local flooding and rising waves are to be expected within 100 km of the epicenters of these quakes.


Strings Of Global Earthquakes Getting Stronger

Google Earth earthquake global map.

We are now seeing an increase in 6.0+ earthquakes worldwide. Watch for them to climb to 7.0 and above.

I’ve always said that earthquake magnitudes will increase over the next few months, and we are, indeed, witnessing that today.

We used to think that a string of 4.0+ quakes were large, but that’s now a daily occurrence we no longer get concerned about.

We need to be closely watching today’s quakes that are now a common 6.0 and above because by the end of 2014, I expect them to climb to 7.0 and higher.

6.0+ Quakes This Week

  1. 6.3 Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico
  2. 6.9 Ferndale, California
  3. 6.8  South Sandwich Islands
  4. 6.3  Kunisaki-shi, Japan
  5. 6.2  Paracas, Peru
  6. 6.3  Sechura, Peru
  7. 7.0  Iquique, Chile
  8. 6.2  Iquique, Chile
  9. 6.5  Mohean, India

Keep watching these magnitudes climb over the next weeks and months.