A Resurge In Big Earthquakes Today

A USGS map of the Middle East and Pakistan.

Pakistan is having a swarm of large earthquakes north of the Persian Gulf – USGS.

I woke up this morning to my PDC Disasters Alert app going off non-stop. It’s been rather quiet for a few days, and this was  a calm before the storm, it appears.

Today, there has been a resurge in some big quakes.

Early Quakes On Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In order of occurrence:

  1. 5.6  Carlsberg Ridge (west of Persian Gulf)
  2. 7.8  Awaran, Pakistan (approximately 150 killed, north of Persian Gulf)
  3. 5.9  Awaran, Pakistan
  4. 4.7  Awaran, Pakistan
  5. 5.0  Awaran, Pakistan
  6. 5.7  Awaran, Pakistan
  7. 5.6  Awaran, Pakistan
  8. 4.8  Hachijo-shima, Japan
  9. 5.1  Chichi-shima, Japan
  10. 5.2  Khuzdar, Pakistan
  11. 4.8  La Ligua, Chile
  12. 4.9  Awaran, Pakistan
  13. 5.0  Druzhina, Russia
  14. 5.5  Aaran, Pakistan


Map of Typooh Pabuk heading toward Japan.

Typhoon Pabuk heads toward Japan – AcuWeather.com.

Now, throw in a few quakes around Yellowstone and the Western US today:

  1. 3.2 West Yellowstone, Montana
  2. 3.0 Smith Valley, Nevada
  3. 3.0 Leavenworth, Washington

And then, throw in Typhoon Pabuk heading toward Southern Japan (just to stir things up a bit …)

It’s been an active morning. Let’s see what the afternoon brings.



Typhoon Smacks China With Tidal Wave

The powerful tidal wave in China.

A powerful wave crashed over the levee in China –REX/Sun Fengli

Typhoon Trami is the 12th typhoon to hit China this year. Friday, August 23, 2013, the typhoon hit land in eastern China, bringing huge surges of water onshore.

The fast-rising tide was funneled into a river, which formed an upstream wave that hit Haining City.

The “tidal river bore” was around 20 meters (22 yards) tall and caused several injuries as the protective sea wall gave way under the impact of the water.

Typhoon Trami created a tidal wave.

Typhoon Trami created a tidal wave that hit Haining City – REX/Sun Fengli