The Climate Change Fad – People VS The Planet

A baby and mother polar bear looking endearing at one another.

This new fad called climate change is steering us in the wrong direction.

I don’t know if the way I see climate change is NOT MAINSTREAM because I have had a solid education in geology and environmental science, if I simply have some healthy, basic logic and common sense, or if it’s because I love nature and make sure to stay outside more than I’m inside.

One thing that I can say for sure is that today, bad science and the politics of greed are promoting a sadly inaccurate explanation for climate change and people are buying into it.

Have you noticed that no one offers SOLUTIONSWell, solutions other than more taxes to slip into their pockets as they fly around in their private jets.

Let’s keep this post simple, and consider some very inexpensive, practical, and very futuristic solutions to the new fad called climate change.

People VS The Planet

Reactor 4 at the Fukushima nuclear reactor is tipping and sinking into the ground.

Humans are polluters, and this is what I call messing in our nest.

Firstly, it’s vitally important to separate natural Earth changes from humanity’s irresponsible polluting. The Earth ad Sun always cause climate changes and there is nothing humans can do to stop it. We can learn how to adapt to it, but we are naive to think that we can stop a natural Earth cycle.

Humans are consumers and polluters, and this is what I call messing in our nest. We are not causing climate change – we are merely striping the Earth of its resources – taking and not putting back, which is destroying our home, calling it climate change.

I could write this entire article just about our endless pollution, but needless to say, I think we all get it.

Yes, humans have caused devastating damage to our planet, but we can reverse this in ways NO ONE is proposing today. Higher taxes is not the answer.

Easy, Cheap, and Simple Solutions

A beautiful picture of a windmill with red tulips in Holland.

Replace expanding cities with smaller villages.

Investing in the solutions is what we need to focus on, and here are some real-time solutions no one is talking about:

  1. Plant hemp  to replace petroleum, plastic, paper, cotton, medications, food protein sources, concrete and building materials
  2. Cap the expansion of large urban areas (cities) and build small villages that are off the grid and self sufficient
  3. Construct aguaponic farms in every village
  4. Connect cities and villages with rail transportation powered by geothermal energy
  5. Build homes and buildings with solar roofing, i.e. solar shingles
  6. Recycle  everything, everywhere
  7. Break apart large corporate farm and food monopolies and invest in local farming
  8. Restore individual State autonomy
  9. Localize and individualize schools and health care

    A picture of workers installing solar panels on the roof of a house.

    Install solar shingles on all homes and buildings.

If we focus on these simple solutions, we can reverse man’s damaging influences on this planet. Instead of increasing taxes for the benefit of bloated politicians and the elite, these solutions actually generate income and jobs for the majority of people, worldwide.

Just start here. Now. Globally.

Just think about it – if we invested in aguaponic farms in every village in Africa, there would be no more hunger.

Did you know that Ford® makes an engine that powers the cars in Iceland using geothermal energy extracted from their volcanoes? Um hum – we can do that in America tapping into Yellowstone.

Reversing the damage fueled by power and greed isn’t going to happen over night, but once we implement the correct solutions, we can survive on this planet in a more natural balance with Nature. Actually, we can make this a Heaven on Earth.

Remember that the force of this planet is far more powerful than humans will ever be, but we have proven that we can certainly damage the Earth more than any other animal has ever done.

The Earth in space

Humans will never be more powerful than our planet.

More to come …






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