The Earth Is Getting Colder, Not Warmer

A beautiful picture of a tree lined road in winter covered in snow.

There is little doubt that the Earth is getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere, and that this is a natural phenomenon.

This record-cold winter in the Northern Hemisphere has awakened most people to the fact that the Earth is getting colder, not warmer. All the hoo-haw about global warming and the human greenhouse effect is misleading.

This doesn’t mean that humans are not irresponsibly making things worse by adding to the natural CO2 levels; no, no, no. This means the opposite – that the “west” must wake up to the fact that we ARE making things much, much worse for our future survival.

Western science has fallen waaaaay behind the eight-ball because we have lost touch with Nature to the point that we no longer know what’s really going on. Westerners think that we are awesome because we have “technology” to fuel chronic convenience.

We focus on nuclear power plants, GMO seeds, and fancy autos run on oil. We are not investing our time and tax dollars into alternative energies that are provided freely – and abundantly  – by the Earth. We have forgotten that advanced humans are those that live in a respectful balance with Nature with no price tag on the Earth’s resources.

Well, it’s time to admit that the Earth is moving forward without us in a way that is controlled by the cosmos, and that humans have NO POWER to change it. We are wasting valuable time and money trying to stay stuck in a profitable past.

Has The Sun Gone To Sleep?

This is an awesome video news story from the BBC about the current solar cycle that seems to be “surprising” many scientists. The Sun appears to be cooling to the point that the Earth is moving into a mini-Ice Age.

The Northern Hemisphere is getting colder as the Southern Hemisphere heats up.

The Better Scientists

A climate chart showing the Earth is causing climate change, not humans.

German scientists have proven that the Earth’s “climate” is driven by natural cycles, not humans.(Click to enlarge.)

There is some great atmospheric and cosmic science coming out of Europe. Sadly, like most all scientific fields these days, America is falling behind.

It seems if scientific results do not benefit the profiteers in the Western world, the research is either dispelled or silenced, and this has served to keep most Americans unaware.

Pay attention to the research going on outside of the USA, and learn from these “global” researchers what is really going on with the Earth and climate change.

Here lies the solutions!

A collage of products that we market for money.

Humans put price tags on the Earth for personal gain, profit, and this point of view is what threatens our survival.

Messed Our Nest

There is no question that Westerners are causing much damage to the Earth, and are responsible for the majority of animal dye-offs.  We have messed our nest, and we are being brats about it, too.

We cannot change the cosmic destiny that we are witnessing today. We CAN learn more about it, however.

The Earth’s resources are not “for sale“, and once we stop putting price tags on the free resources available to us, we can ride out these NATURAL changes with much more joy, before it’s too late.

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