The National Program In Weather Modification Launched In 1966

The US Capital building

According to the documents, President LBJ approved weather modification in 1966.

On November 7, 1966, ICAS Report No. 10a was submitted to the Federal Council for Science and Technology, Executive Office of the President.

According to the documents, weather modification was approved by President LBJ over a half-century ago.

Download and save this historic document. You can show it to your grandkids, and tell them stories about how humans naively thought they could control the weather.

The ICAS (Interdepartmental Committee For Atmospheric Sciences) endorsed this recommended “weather modification program,” and the US government set off on a program to control the weather.

Mother Nature just got her walking papers and was out of a job.

In 1966.

It didn’t start then, though. 

20 Years Earlier – 1940s

Old scrolls and ancient books where mankind has tried to predict an apocalypse since the beginning of mankind.

According to the archived documents, weather modification was approved by the government over a half-century ago.

The introduction of this document states:

“The earth’s weather has a profound influence on agriculture, forestry, water resources, industry, commerce, transportation, construction, field operations, commercial fishing, and many other human activities … There is, therefore, great motivation to develop effective countermeasures against the destructive effects of weather, and, conversely, to enhance the beneficial aspects.

Over the past twenty years, experiments have been conducted on weather modification, particularly on the effects of seeding clouds with such materials as silver iodide crystals.”

The Earth Versus Humans

Who put humans in charge of Nature? Did anyone consult with the planet? The planet does have rights, too. Actually more.

The Earth needs a good lawyer.

Please take the time to read this government archived document. For Mother Nature’s sake.




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