What’s Yellowstone Trying To Tell Us?

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The spotlight is on the USA today for an increase in earthquakes.

There is an increase in both earthquake and volcanic activity around the western half of the USA today, and the spotlight is on Yellowstone. So, what’s Yellowstone trying to tell us?

Watch The USA

Magma is rising all over the world, but when we see an increase in earthquake activity in the USA, we need to pay attention to the patterns.

Specifically, we need to watch Oklahoma, the states surrounding the Yellowstone caldera, and California.


A drawing of Yellowstone's supervolcano.

Large amounts of magma lie under Yellowstone’s super-volcano.

There has been an increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma, and although many people want to blame these quakes on fracking, this isn’t completely accurate.

Fracking has weakened the already vulnerable Craton boundary, much like shattering a broken window, but the signs to watch are that the Craton is heating up and expanding due to the magma channels beneath the North American Plate.

The Gulf of Mexico is rising and heating up, too, as well as the New Madrid (which is splitting and heating up), pushing the western half of the USA.

These are dangerous geologic times. Activity at Yellowstone is another sign that the USA is shifting.

Quakes In California

Expect an increase in the number and magnitude of quakes north and west of the Rockies, and this means California. We have been spoiled in the USA (you can say that again), and have experienced very few damaging earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in our recorded history.

It’s time to open our eyes to the reality that our country is not immune to geologic activity, and we have now entered into a new phase of Earth movement.

States To Watch Along The Craton

A map of the North American Craton boundary.

The North American Craton boundary – Wilipedia

Oklahoma (quakes March 29-31, 2014)

  1. 3.2  Chandler
  2. 2.7  Chandler
  3. 3.2  Chandler
  4. 2.5  Crescent
  5. 3.5  Crescent
  6. 4.3  Crescent
  7. 3.3  Crescent
  8. 3.5  Crescent
  9. 3.6  Crescent
  10. 4.3  Crescent
  11. 2.8  Crescent
  12. 3.2  Crescent
  13. 4.1   Crescent
  14. 2.7  Hennessey
  15. 3.5  Crescent
  16. 2.5  Crescent
  17. 2.7  Medford
  18. 2.5  Stillwater
  19. 2.9  Choctaw
  20. 2.7  Choctaw
  21. 2.7  Choctaw
  22. 3.7  Choctaw
  23. 2.7  Choctaw
  24. 2.6  Choctaw
  25. 2.7  Choctaw
  26. 3.1  Langston
  27. 2.9  Langston
  28. 2.8  Langston
  29. 3.0  Langston
  30. 3.0  Langston
  31. 2.6  Langston


California (quakes March 29-31, 2014)

  1. 3.2  La Habra
  2. 5.1  La Hebra
  3. 3.4  La Habra
  4. 3.6  La Habra
  5. 3.3  La Habra
  6. 3.1  La Habra
  7. 2.6  Searles Valley
  8. 2.4  Rowland Heights
  9. 4.1  Rowland Heights
  10. 3.6  La Habra
  11. 3.4  La Habra
  12. 2.7  Brea
  13. 2.7  La Habra
  14. 2.6  Brea
  15. 3.1  Brea
  16. 2.6  La Habra
  17. 2.5  La Habra
  18. 2.5  La Habra
  19. 3.2  Soledad
  20. 2.8  Soledad
  21. 2.8  La Habra
  22. 2.8  The Geysers
  23. (there are many more 2.0+ in these areas in California .. the list was repetitive)

Yellowstone (March 30-31, 2014)

  1. 3.1  Old Faithful Geyser, Montana
  2. 4.7  West Yellowstone, Montana
  3. 2.8  West Yellowstone, Montana
  4. 3.4  West Yellowstone, Montana
  5. 2.5  West Yellowstone, Montana
  6. 2.9  West Yellowstone, Montana
  7. 3.6  West Yellowstone, Montana
  8. 2.9  West Yellowstone, Montana
  9. 3.1  West Yellowstone, Montana
  10. 3.3  West Yellowstone, Montana
  11. 3.1  West Yellowstone, Montana
  12. 3.3  West Yellowstone, Montana
  13. 2.7  West Yellowstone, Montana

The list will continue in the days and weeks to come. Keep a watch for the patterns along the Craton, and for the quakes moving west.

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