Big Earthquakes Strike Chile and Peru

The USGS map of the earthquakes off South America.

Several large earthquakes occurred September 25, 2013 along the western coast of South America – USGS.

Wednesday morning, September 25, 2013, a 5.2 magnitude quake shook Atacama, Chile, and this started a reaction of large earthquakes along the Eastern Pacific Rim’s Ring of Fire.

Within hours of one another, the following earthquakes occurred:

  1. 5.2 – Atacama, Chile
  2. 5.8 (downgraded to 5.4) – Attu Station, Alaska
  3. 7.0 (downgraded from 7.2) – Acari, Peru

Tsunamis and Volcanoes

Earthquakes of this magnitude can create tsunamis, but tsunami warnings have not been issued for the Hawaiian islands.

Several active volcanoes are in this region, also, so monitor an increase in volcanic activity over the next few days.

The volcanoes in Chile that have erupted since 2010 to the present:

  1. Chaiten
  2. Copahue
  3. Planchon-Peteroa
  4. Cordon Caulle

The volcanoes in Peru that have erupted since 2010 to the present:

  1. Sababcaya
  2. Ubinas


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