Canada And Alaska Feeling A Barrage Of Earthquakes

The USGS small globe showing the earthquakes off Canada.

A swarm of very large earthquakes struck off the coast of Canada and Alaska, September 3, 2013 – USGS

A Canadian and Alaskan earthquake swarm on September 3, 2013 started with a 6.2 magnitude quake off the west coast of Canada.

The quakes took place on the Pacific Rim’s Ring of Fire, and very close to the dangerous Juan de Fuca plate off the northwest USA coast.

The Swarm

The first 6.2 quake was followed by several large quakes, and as I post this article, the quakes and tsunami warnings are still going on. These quakes began in Canada and moved into Alaska today:

  1. 6.2
  2. 4.6
  3. 4.8
  4. 5.5
  5. 5.0
  6. 5.9
  7. 4.2
  8. 5.9
  9. 5.8
  10. 6.5
  11. 5.4

And the night is not over yet …

Japan And Volcanoes

A picture of the Earth and the Ring of Fire with rising magma along the tectonic plates and cracks near Papua New Guinea.

The Ring of Fire along the Pacific Rim is lighting up.

Several hours after the Canadian quakes began, Izu, Japan had a 6.5 magnitude quake, also along the Ring of Fire. The Pacific Rim is shifting big time.

Watch for an increase in volcanic eruptions to happen next in these areas. And remember that more volcanic ash and debris that enters our atmosphere means that we may have a colder winter.

Heads up.


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