March Uptick in Earthquake, Tsunami, and Volcanic Activity

A picture of the Earth and the Ring of Fire with rising magma along the tectonic plates and cracks near Papua New Guinea.

The Ring of Fire along the Pacific Rim is increasing earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic activity.

March 2015 is ending with a bang – the globe is experiencing a wave of volcanoes, large earthquakes, and tsunamis, with most of the activity rocking the Western Pacific Rim and the Antarctic Plate.


The following are listed by date:

  1. 5.6  Calama, Chile  3-28-15
  2. 5.8  Tilamuta, Indonesia  3.-28-15
  3. 5.6  Kota Ternate, Indonesia  3-28-15
  4. 7.6  Kokopo, Papua New Guinea  3-29-15
  5. 5.0  Taron, Papua New Guinea  3-29-15
  6. 5.7   Papua New Guinea  3-29-15
  7. 5.4  Qimeng, China  3-29-15
  8. 5.0  Ile Hunter, New Calendonia  3-29-15
  9. 5.3  Ile Hunter, New Calendonia  3-29-15
  10. 6.8  Hihifo, Tonga  3-30-15
  11. 5.6  Hihifo, Tonga  3-30-15
  12. 5.3  Kokopo, Papua New Guinea  3-30-15
  13. 6.8  Lotofaga, Samoa  3-30-15
  14. 6.8  Lotofaga, Samoa  3-30-15 (second quake)
  15. 5.5  Amsterdam Island, France S. Indian Ocean  3-30-15


A picture of a large ocean wave.

Tsunamis are hitting the coastlines on many South Pacific Islands.

  1. 7.6  New Ireland Region, Papua New Guinea  3-29-15
  2. 7.6  Pacific Rim  3-29-15
  3. 6.8  Tonga  3-30-15
  4. 6.8  Pacific Rim  3-30-15
One of the many underwater volcanoes erupting today.

Highly active underwater volcanos are erupting along the Pacific Rim..


  1. Chirinkotan, Russia
  2. Fuego, Guatemala
  3. Lewotobi, Indonesia
  4. Moyorodake, Japan
  5. Popocatepeti, Mexico
  6. Sinarka, Russia
  7. Tongariro, New Zealand
  8. Villarrica, Chile
  9. Talang, Indonesia
  10. Turrialba, Costa Rica
  11. Kilauea, USA


Stay tuned  – more to come, I’m sure.

Large Quake Waiting At California’s Doorstep

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

Strange earthquakes every minute are occurring along the western foothills of the Sierras.

We all know that one day, some day, a big – a very big – earthquake is going to strike California. It’s common for small quakes to regularly rattle the state, quakes around 1.0 to 2.0 in magnitude. These small quakes rarely cause structural damage, and serve to release crustal pressure.

The day they stop will be the day we start to worry.

Today, something odd is going on west of the Sierras. It appears that California is now movingnot shifting or shaking, but moving.

Large earthquakes are waiting at California’s doorstep.

6.0 Quakes

On September 24, 2014, a 6.2 magnitude quake rocked San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina, just east of the Andes in a remote, mountainous location.

The next day on September 25, 2014, two 6.0+ quakes followed; 6.0 magnitude in the Solomon Islands, and 6.2 magnitude quake on-land at Willow, Alaska.

California’s Moving

Beginning September 25, 2014, EMO pulses spiked for a 24-hour period at Yellowstone, and since this began, small quakes have been striking under the foothills west of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

From September 25 until the present time, this area has experienced at least 1 earthquake every minute; over 1,000 quakes in less than 24 hours.

Is time closing in on California? All we can do is wait and see.

A picture of a temperature thermometer that says problem, emergency, crisis, disaster.

Large earthquakes are waiting at California’s doorstep.

Large Earthquakes Hit San Francisco, Peru, and Chile

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

Large earthquakes are occurring along the western coastlines of North and South America.

Within hours, large earthquakes struck along the western coasts of both North and South America.

South America is no stranger to large quakes, but the USA has been lucky to avoid large earthquakes. The time has come, nevertheless. It appears that North America is going to start feeling their fair share.

Large Quakes In 24 Hours

(Remember that USGS typically downgrades quakes)

  1. 5.7  Chile
  2. 6.4 Chile
  3. 6.0 California (San Francisco)
  4. 6.9 Peru (tsunami watch generated)

There’s more to come, I am sure.