Woo Hoo – The Poles Are Moving And Everybody’s Feeling It

A picture of the Earth and a toy top comparing how the Earth spins like a toy top.

The Earth spins and wobbles like a toy top, making the poles unstable as it spins. This causes global Earth changes. All at once.

The Earth is really active these days with big earthquakes and tsunamis, wildfires, and massive cold fronts covering all of North America.

What does this mean when it happens all at once?

Woo hoo – it means that the poles are moving. THIS is the root of global climate change.

Occurring all over the Earth at the same time.

Big Quakes

Over the past 24 hours, these earthquakes over 6.0 magnitude shook the Earth:

  1. 6.0 China
  2. 6.0 Trinidad and Tobago
  3. 6.5 Indonesia
  4. 8.0 Solomon Islands (tsunami warning issued)
  5. 6.5 Solomon Islands
  6. 7.8 Solomon Islands (another tsunami warning issued)
  7. 6.5 Ferndale, California

There are too many quakes occurring 5.0 + to list.


Winter Storm Warnings

A blizzard

The entire North American continent is experiencing record winter storms.

The entire United States and Canada.


  1. Upper Nile, South Sudan
  2. Western Australia
  3. Central African Republic
  4. Western Cape, South Africa
  5. Tasmania
  6. Tennessee/North Carolina

I will be releasing some short videos about the pole shift, but when the poles wobble even the slightest bit, the planet responds with earthquakes, tsunamis, and stronger storms.

Just what we are witnessing today.

Large Quake Waiting At California’s Doorstep

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

Strange earthquakes every minute are occurring along the western foothills of the Sierras.

We all know that one day, some day, a big – a very big – earthquake is going to strike California. It’s common for small quakes to regularly rattle the state, quakes around 1.0 to 2.0 in magnitude. These small quakes rarely cause structural damage, and serve to release crustal pressure.

The day they stop will be the day we start to worry.

Today, something odd is going on west of the Sierras. It appears that California is now movingnot shifting or shaking, but moving.

Large earthquakes are waiting at California’s doorstep.

6.0 Quakes

On September 24, 2014, a 6.2 magnitude quake rocked San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina, just east of the Andes in a remote, mountainous location.

The next day on September 25, 2014, two 6.0+ quakes followed; 6.0 magnitude in the Solomon Islands, and 6.2 magnitude quake on-land at Willow, Alaska.

California’s Moving

Beginning September 25, 2014, EMO pulses spiked for a 24-hour period at Yellowstone, and since this began, small quakes have been striking under the foothills west of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

From September 25 until the present time, this area has experienced at least 1 earthquake every minute; over 1,000 quakes in less than 24 hours.

Is time closing in on California? All we can do is wait and see.

A picture of a temperature thermometer that says problem, emergency, crisis, disaster.

Large earthquakes are waiting at California’s doorstep.

South American Earthquakes Getting Closer To Western USA

USGS small Earth globe showing Nicaragua

A 6.6 earthquake off the coast off Nicaragua – USGS

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake (downgraded to 6.5 magnitude USGS) occurred in the Pacific Ocean off Nicaragua, Saturday, June 15, 2013. The quake was centered about 49.8 km (31 miles) west of Masachapa, Nicaragua, and 90.1 km (56 miles) west-southwest of Managua at a depth of 35.8 km (22.3 miles).

There were reports of minor damage to structures and cracks in the walls of homes, and the domes of the Church of San Juan, located in the historic city of León, suffered structural damage.

A picture of the Costa Rican coast.

Earthquake activity increases along the beautiful Costa Rican Pacific coast.

Costa Rica

At the same moment, a 4.9 magnitude earthquake struck Sardinal de Carillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica near the international airport in Liberia. The Costa Rican quake occurred at a shallower depth of 5 km (3.1 mi), which caused greater ground shaking.

The quake’s epicenter was near the popular tourist destination of Playas del Coco on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific coast. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a precautionary tsunami warning for Nicaragua, but luckily, the large quake did not pose a tsunami threat to the West Coast of the United States, Hawaii, or Canada.

More Quakes Followed

Two more quakes in Costa Rica followed the 4.9 quake.  The second rumbler struck with a magnitude 3.4 at the same depth of 5 km (3.1 mi), southeast of Playa Grande in Carrillo, Guanacaste.  The third earthquake was a magnitude 3.4 southeast of Moracia de Nicoya, in Guanacaste at a deeper depth of 11 km (6.8 mi).

In Nicaragua, six more quakes were reported, with the largest quake measuring 4.9 magnitude. A series of moderate earthquakes struck other Central American countries at this time, including a 4.8 magnitude quake in Guatemala, a 5.0 quake in El Salvador, and a 5.8 in Jolalpan, Mexico.

Heads up, California and Washington State … the rumbling may be heading your way.