Large Quake Waiting At California’s Doorstep

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

Strange earthquakes every minute are occurring along the western foothills of the Sierras.

We all know that one day, some day, a big – a very big – earthquake is going to strike California. It’s common for small quakes to regularly rattle the state, quakes around 1.0 to 2.0 in magnitude. These small quakes rarely cause structural damage, and serve to release crustal pressure.

The day they stop will be the day we start to worry.

Today, something odd is going on west of the Sierras. It appears that California is now movingnot shifting or shaking, but moving.

Large earthquakes are waiting at California’s doorstep.

6.0 Quakes

On September 24, 2014, a 6.2 magnitude quake rocked San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina, just east of the Andes in a remote, mountainous location.

The next day on September 25, 2014, two 6.0+ quakes followed; 6.0 magnitude in the Solomon Islands, and 6.2 magnitude quake on-land at Willow, Alaska.

California’s Moving

Beginning September 25, 2014, EMO pulses spiked for a 24-hour period at Yellowstone, and since this began, small quakes have been striking under the foothills west of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.

From September 25 until the present time, this area has experienced at least 1 earthquake every minute; over 1,000 quakes in less than 24 hours.

Is time closing in on California? All we can do is wait and see.

A picture of a temperature thermometer that says problem, emergency, crisis, disaster.

Large earthquakes are waiting at California’s doorstep.

Large Earthquakes Hit San Francisco, Peru, and Chile

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

Large earthquakes are occurring along the western coastlines of North and South America.

Within hours, large earthquakes struck along the western coasts of both North and South America.

South America is no stranger to large quakes, but the USA has been lucky to avoid large earthquakes. The time has come, nevertheless. It appears that North America is going to start feeling their fair share.

Large Quakes In 24 Hours

(Remember that USGS typically downgrades quakes)

  1. 5.7  Chile
  2. 6.4 Chile
  3. 6.0 California (San Francisco)
  4. 6.9 Peru (tsunami watch generated)

There’s more to come, I am sure.

Earthquakes Creeping Closer To California

The USGS shake map of the Gulf of California

A 6.8 earthquake followed by a 6.5 quake in the Gulf of California – USGS

Two major quakes shook the Gulf of California one hour apart, Saturday, October 19, 2013.

A 6.8 quake was followed by a 6.5 magnitude quake one hour later according to the PDC World Disaster Alert in Hawaii. All other quake registries merely had one quake recorded.

Tsunami alerts were not sent out, but with a quake this large within the Gulf of California, high waves and some coastal flooding is expected.

Quakes Getting Closer to CA

Is a major earthquake getting closer to California? I think so.

Quakes shake California everyday, but they are minor movements that register around 1.5 magnitude, on average. But, if you watch the quake register, you’ll notice that these “daily” shifts are increasing in magnitude.

More 3.0+ quakes are occurring, and now that we are getting activity as close as the Gulf of California at 6.8 magnitudes, I’d suggest preparing for some serious quake activity along the San Andreas.

Watch for more activity to pick up in Southern California, and this movement will slowly work its way up the coast, north.

Eyes wide open!