Earth’s Atmosphere Under Extreme Stress

A picture of a temperature thermometer that says problem, emergency, crisis, disaster.

The Earth and the atmosphere are heating up for multiple reasons, and this is creating a global crisis.

As if the peak of the solar cycle isn’t enough to heat things up on our home planet, an increase in volcanic eruptions and wildfires are now adding to the mix.

Atmospheric heating creates changes in global climate patterns, shifts in the Jet Stream, the relocation of ocean currents, and an increase in earthquakes, volcanoes, violent storms, wildfires, and tsunamis.

Our atmosphere is under extreme stress.

Everything Is Heating Up

The Earth’s external heat is supplied by the Sun, which “drives” the atmospheric winds and the ocean currents. Today, our magnetic field is very weak, and the atmosphere has thinned considerably.

The atmosphere is saturated now with particulate matter, and the Sun keeps getting hotter – EVERYTHING – EVERYWHERE is heating up.

Increase In Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions add to global warming in our atmosphere, and like metal on metal, the strange sounds that are heard coming from the hollows of the Earth are molten magma working its way up toward the crust as the planet continues to heat up.

A picture of a volcano erupting.

Volcanic eruptions are increasing worldwide, pumping ash into the atmosphere.

There are many volcanoes on the Earth that we cannot see, and even with all of our fancy technology, we have no clue how many active volcanoes there really are.

We do know that there are over 500 volcanoes currently active around the world, and the following list of active volcanoes are the ones we need to closely watch today because they are puffing smoke and spewing ash into the already stressed atmosphere:

  1. Tara, Batu
  2. Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia
  3. Ulawun, Papua New Guinea
  4. Ubinas, Peru
  5. Tungurahua, Ecuador
  6. Reventador, Ecuador
  7. Shiveluch, Russia
  8. Popocatepeti, Mexico
  9. Kelimutu, Indonesia
  10. Turrialba, Costa Rica
  11. Fuji, Japan
A picture of a forest wildfire.

WIldfires are increasing worldwide, adding smoke and ash into the atmosphere.


The Earth will continue to get hotter for several reasons. The increase in solar activity, an increase in Greenhouse gases, a rise in volcanic activity, and increasing wildfires are all happening at the same time today, and this is warming the planet all the more.

Wildfires add to the volcanic ash already smothering the atmosphere, and a change in the atmosphere, no matter how small a change, has a trickle-down effect all over the globe.

Wildfires that are now burning worldwide:

  1. Norway
  2. Estonia/Latvia
  3. Spain
  4. Colorado USA
  5. California, USA
  6. Alaska, USA
  7. Nevada, USA
  8. Montana, USA

When will things cool down? Don’t hold your breath … not anytime soon.


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