Is The Green New Deal Real? Not When We Can Remove Toxic Landfills To Stop Global Warming

Everything in a landfill can be recycled.

A massive landfill caught fire during a scorching heat wave in India on April 27, 2022. The landfill is taller than a 17-story building and covers an area bigger than 50 football fields.

Toxic smoke hung over New Delhi for days after the landfill caught fire, forcing people to endure hazardous conditions.

South Asia, including India, is experiencing a record-shattering heat wave that experts say was a catalyst for the landfill fire. Three other landfills around New Delhi have also caught fire in recent weeks.

Global warming, the Green New Deal, climate change – whatever you choose to call it –  is merely human negligence, human waste, and ignorance. Before we adopt drastic, incorrect, and expensive new energy laws, let’s solve these problems first.

This Indian landfill fire could have been avoided because everything we put into a landfill can be recycled – everything!

Toxic Landfills

This large Indian landfill was planned for closure more than 10-years ago, but it obviously has never been closed. By 2022, more than 2,300 tons of the city’s garbage is still being dumped there every day. The organic waste in the landfill decays, too, and this builds-up highly combustible methane gas.

If world leaders blame cow farts and SUVs for the increase in toxic methane levels in the atmosphere, they must consider that the source of the problem may be toxic landfills piercing the Earth’s crust all over the world.

Let’s fix this problem before we cull all the dairy cows and triple the price of gasoline, you think?

Reactor 4 at the Fukushima nuclear reactor is tipping and sinking into the ground.

Humans are the worst polluters on the planet, and this is one of the real causes of global warming, especially in big cities.

  1. Canada’s total waste generation is the largest in the entire world. It has an estimated annual waste total of 1,325,480,289 metric tons.
  2. New York is the world’s most wasteful city. New York uses the most energy, disposes of the most trash (33m tonnes per year), and uses the most water.
  3. Americans generate a huge amount of waste with an estimated 4.5 pounds of municipal solid waste per person per day, of which 55% is residential garbage.

After we have resolved the growing landfill problem, let’s turn our focus to other ways we can clean up polluting cities and countries before we make “Green New Deal” changes that aren’t addressing the real global warming issues.

Let’s responsibly address our myriad effects of human pollution (that can be easily fixed), such as recycling our trash before we get mislead into bogus Green New Deals!


Does The Earth Change For Us Or Do We Change For The Planet?

Apicture of an ant standing up with a tilted head

It is so hard for real environmental scientists to watch the climate debates today …. it is unfortunate that younger kids are not getting a proper Earth Science education in public schools anymore – they are not learning Earth history or historic geology, so they really don’t know what is ahead.

Little kids are now living in fear of this magnificent planet as opposed to respecting our amazing home.

Today, people are not separating man-made pollution from natural Earth cycles. I call it “messing in our nest.” And, I don’t see anyone proposing real futuristic solutions, such as promoting hemp for plastic, cotton, and paper replacements. Hemp straws would be awesome.

We could easily introduce aquaponic farming in Africa and there would be no more hunger. People and the economy could soar with new futuristic businesses.

Iceland runs their cars on 100% geothermal from their volcanoes. Ford makes their engines.

throwing an aluminum can into a mesh waste basket

Climate Change Solution #2 Recycle Everything

We could recycle more than we do.

And, why do we continue to rebuild our cities, like New Orleans, in the same danger zones that get damaged over and over again?

People have not been around long enough to know that we originally built big cities, massive highways and sky scrapers in the wrong places. Now we know better, but we don’t stop doing it.

Cutting down the rain forest is totally unnecessary – replace paper with hemp.

Our geologic past historic data is being ignored.  We are doing NOTHING to build future economies – real solid economies.

A green dollar sign with a leaf on its top.

There is a lot of money to be made implementing new, futuristic environmental solutions.

This is an information and political battle at the Earth’s expense. We WILL lose if we don’t educate ourselves that humans are merely in the wrong places, pushing against the Earth – the power of the Earth will be our demise if we don’t get smarter – faster.

We need to create new ways to ADAPT to Earth changes, and stop forcing the planet to change for us.

Google Maps Confirms Mass Animal Die-Offs Worse In USA And UK


A picture of a honey bee.

Honeybees are but one of many species dying off in the USA and UK at the hands of human technology.

Google has a very detailed map of the mass animal die-offs in 2013. As depressing as this is, Hat’s Off to Google for documenting this because it’s important for everyone to know where the majority of wildlife losses are taking place.

It’s time to hold these countries accountable. We need to look at the human influences, and where those influences are concentrated.

The USA And The UK

Does it come as much of a surprise to learn that the majority of massive animal die-offs are in the USA and in the UK

These are the countries that keep “pushing” technology, oil and gas production, nuclear energy, advancement of war, and consumption, consumption, consumption at the expense of the wildlife.

All the while, these are the countries trying to blame mass animal die-offs on global warming, Earth changes, and climate change.

Earth changes may be the cause of the die-offs in the three, sparse areas in Africa, or in the one area in Iceland, or the one area in Alaskaor maybe NOT. Further unbiased research is warranted, but it is clear that human influences are at the root of the massive die-offs in the USA and UK.

False Claims

picture of two Green Macaws

We are not witnessing massive die-offs of Macaws in Costa Rica. So, we cannot blame “global warming.”

Google maps confirms that there is no where else on Earth with so many animal die-offs concentrated on one continent.

It is time to reign in human gluttony, abuse, and arrogance. It’s time global societies stand up for the wildlife, and FORCE some boundaries on the bulldozing effects advanced humans have on Nature.

Look for yourself – every picture tells a story