6.4 Quake Shakes Caribbean Sea

A tropical beach with clouds raining over it.

A 6.4 earthquake shook the Caribbean Sea January 13, 2014.

A 6.4 quake rocked the Caribbean this morning, but a tsunami alert was not generated. High waves will still smack the coastlines in the region, though, so expect floods on some of the Caribbean shores.

Last week Cuba had two 5.0 quakes, which is MOST unusual. I’d say that the Caribbean has become much more active then anyone expected … and THIS signals movement along the US Craton.

Google map of distance between Key West and Cuba.

Two 5.0 earthquakes rocked Cuba January 10, 2014, merely 132 miles south of Florida – Google Maps.

Here’s a great phone app that will alert you when quakes go off: PDC Disaster Alert.

Tail Of Comet Ison

A picture of a beautiful meteorite whizzing through the Earth's atmosphere. with the moon in the background.

More meteorites can be seen on Earth as we move through the debris tail of Comet Ison..

We are also going through the tail of Comet Ison right now, so seeing a few meteorites whizzing in the atmosphere will not be unusual. Check out this meteorite over Japan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZLQ-YxJdbg

There’s lots going on right now “out there” …. have fun watching the Earth move, but stay safe!

Earthquake Swarms At Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, and Mariana Islands

Large earthquakes get our attention for many reasons, but sometimes, the earthquake swarms can be more dangerous than the big quakes.

Earthquake swarms are a sign of major earth movement, and they also warn of underlying volcanic activity. Either way, earthquake swarms are a warning to pay attention before major damage is done.

Right now, there are three areas of significance that are experiencing earthquake swarms :

  1. Canary Islands; approx 120 quakes above 1.8 magnitude and more than 40 quakes up to 3.2 magnitude in the past 24 hours
  2. Puerto Rico; occurring at same time the US Craton quakes occurred
  3. Mariana Islands; on the volatile Ring of Fire and SW of the Mariana Trench/subduction zone.
Small USGS globe of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea

Earthquake swarm at Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea – USGS

The USGS small globe showing the 5.9 Earthquake off the Azores Islands, Portugal on April 30, 2013.

Earthquake swarm at the Canary Islands in the Atlantic – USGS

USGS small globe of Mariana Islands

Earthquake swarm north of the Pacific Mariana Islands – USGS