Costa Rica Experiencing Quakes; Will More Follow?

USGS small Earth globe showing Nicaragua

Central America is experiencing more large earthquakes.

The entire western edge of  Central and South American is experiencing large earthquakes, but when one of my favorite countries, Costa Rica, has a large earthquake, I always post it.

On February 12, 2014, offshore Joco, Costa Rica had a 4.7 magnitude quake. This quake occurred amid a string of quakes sriking the western portion of both Central and South America:

  1. 4.6  Chile
  2. 4.6   Argentina
  3. 5.5  Chile
  4. 5.2  Chile
  5. 4.5  Guatemala
  6. 4.7  Costa Rica

Now, compare this activity to the volcanic activity in these countries. Connect the dots to see the increase in both volcanic and earthquake activity in Central and South America.

The eruption of Santiaguito volcano

Eruption of Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala (webcam image: INSIVUMEH, annotated by Blog Culture Volcan)


Hurricane Barbara Floods Mexico

The NOAA map of Hurricane Barbara

Hurricane Barbara hits Central America, May 29, 2013 – NOAA (click to enlarge)

Following Tropical Storm Alvin, Hurricane Barbara, the second storm of the eastern Pacific hurricane season, crashed ashore along Mexico’s southern Pacific coast, Wednesday May 29, 2013. A hurricane warning is in effect for Puerto Angel to Barra De Tonala Mexico, and a tropical storm warning is in effect for Barra De Tonala to Boca De Pijijiapan Mexico.

Barbara is expected to dump between 6-10 inches of rain over eastern Oaxaca and western Chiapas, with up to 20 inches possible in southeastern Oaxaca causing flash floods and mudslides.

A picture of a deadly landslide in Ecuador on january 24, 2013.

Deadly landslide in Ecuador on January 24, 2013.

During the last seven days, a significant increase in rainfall was received throughout Central America, Costa Rica, Panama, and parts of Guatemala.

Global Flooding

Floods are blanketing the globe, actually, and the following countries/states are under current flood warnings:

Hawaiian Islands

Central America




Middle Mississippi River Valley




North Dakota