The Sun Influences The Earth More Than You Know

A weather map of Typhoon Wipha.

Deadly storms were once rare. Today, they are increasing in number and in strength.

The 2017 hurricane season started off with record=breaking storms, and it looks like the storms are going to keep coming.

Earthquakes, too.

And volcanoes.

Add more droughts and wildfires.

And floods.

What most people don’t realize is the root cause of natural disasters starts with the Sun.

Our Sun is undergoing some serious changes right now, and it is affecting all life on Earth. This explains the changes we are seeing today.

The Sun Is Driving This Bus

Super Typhoon from NOAA the Philippines

The Sun is the primary influence behind our weather.

Energy from the Sun is very important to all life on Earth. The Sun warms our planet and heats the surface, the oceans and the atmosphere. This atmospheric energy is one of the primary drivers of our weather.

Our climate is also strongly affected by the amount of solar radiation received on the Earth.

Climate change and “global warming” are not caused by humans – they are driven by the Earth itself, and that is determined by the Sun.

Now note that humans won’t get off the hook here. Humans are messing in our nest – we are destroying ecosystems worldwide, polluting the land, water and air, and we are depleting the Earth’s natural resources at a record rate.

A picture of a solar flare, or CME, exploding off the surface of the Sun.

Humans are polluting the Earth, no doubt, but the Sun is the primary reason we are experiencing global climate change.

Humans have created GMO farming, which destroys the Earth’s pollination and the natural mineralization of the soil. And our pesticides are killing the pollinators (the bees and butterflies) in massive numbers.

But, there is a big difference between the damage irresponsible humans are doing to the Earth and the powerful influences of the Sun.

The Sun warms our planet, so when the Sun heats up – um hum, the Earth heats up. There is nothing we humans can do about it.

Learn More About The Sun

In order to better understand climate change, natural disasters, and Earth events that have never been seen in modern human history, study the Sun and its cycles. 

The Sun:

  1. affects all life on Earth;
  2. influences fertility and the reproduction of plants and animals;
  3. determines an animal’s mood;
  4. creates earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes;
  5. influences rainfall;
  6. determines temperature.

Here are 3 videos to get you started learning more about the Sun:

As we witness natural disasters increasing today, learn all that you can about them. This is the only way that we can stay safe, and possibly prevent more disasters in the future. 


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Brace For Big Earthquakes As The Sun Fires Up Again

A man pointing to Portugal on a map of the Earth.

Track the earthquakes over the next few weeks as the Sun fires up some CMEs.

When the Sun fires off huge coronal mass ejections (CMEs), earthquake records show that an increase in earthquakes occur at the same time all over the world.

This connection between solar storms and earthquakes may result in some doozies over the next few weeks because the Sun is firing up again.

Big Sunspots

Most CMEs reach the Earth in one to three days after they have ejected from the Sun’s surface. A powerful CME pointed toward Earth moving over 600 miles per second can disturb the upper atmosphere enough to disrupt radio signals and affect electronic systems in satellites both in space and on the ground.

A picture of a solar flare, or CME, exploding off the surface of the Sun.

NOAA forecasters estimate a 50% chance of M-class flares, and a 20% chance of X-flares on November 10th.

Between November 5-8, 2013, a big sunspot (tagged AR1890) erupted off the surface of the Sun and produced an intense X3-class solar flare. AR1890 has calmed down a bit, but scientists believe this could be the calm before the storm.

The expanding Jupiter-sized sunspot has a “beta-gamma-delta” magnetic field that harbors energy for future strong flares. NOAA forecasters estimate a 50% chance of M-class flares, and a 20% chance of X-flares on November 10th.

Big Quakes

No one can predict when large earthquakes will occur – or where – but keep an eye on the Sun (not literally), and monitor the M-class and X-flares this month. And keep your feet firmly on the ground.


When The Earth Shifts, We Physically Shift With It

A picture of a solar flare, or CME, exploding off the surface of the Sun.

Solar flares, or CMEs, explode off the surface of the Sun.

The Sun’s magnetic field reverses – or flips – every 11 years, and this creates an increase in solar flares and CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections).

We are half way through this current 11-year cycle, which is creating more earthquake and volcanic activity today. We have long forgotten that the magnetic field inside our bodies lines up with the Earth’s magnetic field, which lines up with the Sun.

When the Sun shifts, the Earth shifts. And when the Earth shifts, we physically shift with it.

Expansion And Aging

Sometimes we, humans, get stuck thinking that the way things are today is the way things always will be. This outlook limits us, and as science becomes more “controlled” by corporate money and profit, humans are limiting their visualizations and understanding of the greater Universe.

Humans know about 0.000001% of what’s really “out there”, and we know even less about what’s really in the future. We have done an exceptional job harnessing what is presently in front of our faces in the here and now, but we have gotten stuck where we are; we no longer let go and “drop the oars” to keep moving forward in the right direction.

The Earth, the Solar System, the Galaxy, and the Universe are moving forward; traveling into the unknown; aging, expanding, evolving.

Humans are not.

How The Sun Affects You

A picture of the Sun's magnetic fields.

Every 11 years, the Sun’s magnetic poles reverse, and this big event will take place within the next 2 to 3 months. Courtesy of NASA

The Sun affects our planet and everything on the Earth, and this means that it directly affects YOU. But the Earth, and human beings, are not the only thing the Sun influences; hence, humans cannot control the powers of the Sun nor the Sun’s influences on the Earth.

We spend countless hours trying to stop solar changes; we spend billions of tax dollars trying to control the weather and solar radiation with programs like Chemtrails and HARRP.

Whether we are implementing these programs for war, security, or humanitarian purposes, they won’t work in the long-run.

Chemicals sprayed in the Earth's atmosphere to stop global warming.

Chemtrail attempts to alter the Earth’s natural atmosphere

Let’s Get On With It

Knowledge is power, and it belongs to us all – not just the governments, elite stockholders, the military, or select corporations.

Our Sun is at the center of our Solar System, and its magnetic field surrounds all of the planets in a bubble of electro-magnetic energy called the heliosphere. The solar winds propel highly charged energy from the Sun that create all “heliospheres” – the electro-magnetic fields that surround the Earth, all the planets, and our entire Solar System.

As the Earth receives more highly charged Solar energy during this heightened Solar Cycle today, the electromagnetic field is heightened. Let’s learn how to use these changes for the betterment of all.

Here’s one way: stop pumping dirty petroleum and start tapping into the increase of free solar energy flooding our planet today.

Here’s another way: stop pumping dirty petroleum and start tapping into the increase of free geothermal energy releasing from volcanic hot spots today.

You In The Upcoming Months

The human lymph system illustrated.

Our human bodies are connected to the Earth, the Solar System, and beyond.

With the increases in solar activity, the Earth is heating up. We are experiencing more powerful earthquakes, more volcanic activity, climate changes (which means weather changes), a shift in our growing fields, and changes within our physical bodies

– we are becoming more energized, as well.

Humans have forgotten that the magnetic field inside our bodies lines up with the Earth’s magnetic field, which lines up with the Sun’s magnetic field. So, we are all connected. To change one, changes us all.

Your nervous system is electrical, and it is being “charged” as the Sun ejects CMEs. When this happens, you may experience headaches, insomnia, or anxiety.

As your cells react to the Sun’s influences,  you may experience an increase in thirst, feel tired or lethargic, and crave more carbohydrates for energy.

Listen to your body, and allow more time for sleep, drink lots of pure water, eat lighter meals and mostly raw foods, if possible, and avoid eating chemically altered foods.

Lift the veil that has been put around you. May we ALL awaken to a more evolved state of awareness, and create a future oriented to the Earth’s natural evolution.