Deadly 6.8 Magnitude Quake Strikes Morocco

A deadly 6.8 quake struck in Morocco.

A shallow earthquake hit Morocco yesterday killing over 1,000 people, so far that is – they are still digging through the rubble.

It broke inside the crust 16 miles down in the lithosphere, but this is considered shallow! Shallow quakes cause more damage on the surface of the crust than deeper quakes, which are hundreds of miles down.

Shaking was felt over 125 miles from the epicenter. Let’s say this earthquake hit in Dallas – you would feel it in East Texas.

Over 6 million people have been affected from this quake in some way – utilities, house damage, road damage, lack of water, etc.

The quake occurred in the Atlas Mountains fault zone region. The question is … where will the next one occur? We’ll soon find out because when a large quake strikes, another one will follow somewhere else on the globe.

Our hearts go out to the people in Morocco.

The Sun Influences The Earth More Than You Know

A weather map of Typhoon Wipha.

Deadly storms were once rare. Today, they are increasing in number and in strength.

The 2017 hurricane season started off with record=breaking storms, and it looks like the storms are going to keep coming.

Earthquakes, too.

And volcanoes.

Add more droughts and wildfires.

And floods.

What most people don’t realize is the root cause of natural disasters starts with the Sun.

Our Sun is undergoing some serious changes right now, and it is affecting all life on Earth. This explains the changes we are seeing today.

The Sun Is Driving This Bus

Super Typhoon from NOAA the Philippines

The Sun is the primary influence behind our weather.

Energy from the Sun is very important to all life on Earth. The Sun warms our planet and heats the surface, the oceans and the atmosphere. This atmospheric energy is one of the primary drivers of our weather.

Our climate is also strongly affected by the amount of solar radiation received on the Earth.

Climate change and “global warming” are not caused by humans – they are driven by the Earth itself, and that is determined by the Sun.

Now note that humans won’t get off the hook here. Humans are messing in our nest – we are destroying ecosystems worldwide, polluting the land, water and air, and we are depleting the Earth’s natural resources at a record rate.

A picture of a solar flare, or CME, exploding off the surface of the Sun.

Humans are polluting the Earth, no doubt, but the Sun is the primary reason we are experiencing global climate change.

Humans have created GMO farming, which destroys the Earth’s pollination and the natural mineralization of the soil. And our pesticides are killing the pollinators (the bees and butterflies) in massive numbers.

But, there is a big difference between the damage irresponsible humans are doing to the Earth and the powerful influences of the Sun.

The Sun warms our planet, so when the Sun heats up – um hum, the Earth heats up. There is nothing we humans can do about it.

Learn More About The Sun

In order to better understand climate change, natural disasters, and Earth events that have never been seen in modern human history, study the Sun and its cycles. 

The Sun:

  1. affects all life on Earth;
  2. influences fertility and the reproduction of plants and animals;
  3. determines an animal’s mood;
  4. creates earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes;
  5. influences rainfall;
  6. determines temperature.

Here are 3 videos to get you started learning more about the Sun:

As we witness natural disasters increasing today, learn all that you can about them. This is the only way that we can stay safe, and possibly prevent more disasters in the future. 


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Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill – October 17, 2013

The Earth with bricks falling around it.

The rise in earthquakes requires education and preparation.

Finally, someone is organizing and implementing earthquake awareness. The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill will take place worldwide on October 17, 2013.

These drills will help homes, schools, and organizations improve natural disaster preparedness, and begin practicing how to be safe during earthquakes.

Go to to learn which of the designated ShakeOut Regions you are located in.

Any person and organization in every state, province, and country around the world can register to be included in a global participation drill.

Become Aware

A cartoon red apple holding a diploma.

The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills teach school children how to prepare for earthquakes.

Katie Cook with The Great ShakeOut is creating a lesson plan series for elementary school students. The most important place to begin is education to learn about earthquakes – why they occur and where.

Once awareness is achieved, then fear can be minimized while safety is maximized.

Earthquakes are very natural – and normalEarth movements. Our planet travels through space very fast, and it moves in many different ways – all at the same time.

Earthquakes are a response to these movements, and they actually keep the pressure and heat inside of the crust balanced.

Where Humans Went Wrong

Before technology, humans did not know where earthquake boundaries were located, worldwide.  We now understand that the most dangerous earthquake zones are around the rim of the Pacific Ocean where some of the most beautiful places on Earth are located on islands and along shorelines.

It’s paradise with a big catch … earthquakes.

A picture of the New York City buildings.

We have built our most highly populated cities on top of earthquake zones.

Over the centuries, humans have built skyscrapers, multi-level bridges, nuclear power plants, athletic stadiums, airports, hospitals, and housing developments on top of the most dangerous earthquake zones.

Modern humans do not want to “relocate or restructure” our most populated cities within these earthquake zones.

It is time that we realize we must change our metropolitan centers, bringing them lower to the ground and using alternative energy that can come back on-line much quicker than our present, antiquated power systems.

We cannot continue to play “dare” with the Earth’s geologic clock. We must respect Nature’s power, and prepare responsibly for Earth changes and natural disasters.

The tragedies occur when we DO NOT TAKE ACTION to prevent harm.


Hat’s Off to! Awareness is the key to survival and disaster prevention. The drill that they are organizing will save millions of lives, and is currently taking place in 10 US states.

Let’s spread the word to encourage others to join in.

No Turning Back

Earth changes are upon us, and they are not going away. The ultimate solution is to learn more about earthquakes and natural disasters, to execute preparedness programs, such as The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill, and educate everyone about Earth changes and natural disasters.

Get involved with your local politicians and government agencies to begin changes for the future. The Earth is moving forward – humanity has not followed.

Today’s energytransportation, developmentcities, and corporate farming are antiquated. We MUST make social changes to prevent natural disasters from doing the masses harm. Nature is going to keep changing – mankind MUST begin changing with it.

The following are additional information resources providing tips for earthquake and natural disaster safety:

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Stay safe everyone.