The Biggest Shift In Earth History Begins

A picture of the Earth and the Moon from space

Our incredible Earth

Finally, we Earthlings are waking up to what’s going on right under our noses.

Finally, our global law-makers are realizing that we humans are NOT more powerful than our planet, and that we CANNOT control Nature or STOP its immense power.

Untangling Our Knots

Civilization is on the brink of one of the most astounding shifts in Earth history, but most of us think that the economy, politics, or the threat of war will be what determines the fate of our species. People don’t realize that the Earth, our planet itself, will be what changes our lives at the end of the day.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, violent storms, pole shifts, and climate change – these major Earth events have been relatively quiet in our lifetime, but according to the science, these are the shifts that will change history.

We can’t sit this one out.

Today, natural disasters are indisputably on the rise all over the globe, and the timing comes as no surprise. While our global communities spend time “debating” global warming, the oil crisis, interest rates, and war, we are missing the warning signs that Earth changes won’t wait for us to untangle our knots. It’s time to stop wasting time, and step up our game.

Earth Changes Are Good

An exit sign on a highway that says Changes: Next Exit

As the Earth changes today, we must make the right choices to change WITH it.

Recent monster tornadoes, global flooding, increases in earthquakes, multiple volcanic eruptions, and killer tsunamis are merely “tiny” Earth movements – our planet is MASSIVE, and natural disasters that seem devastating to those living through them are insignificant to this mighty planet.

It is my aim to help you understand that by looking at the Earth in ways no one has seen the Earth before, we can move more gracefully into the future, and dismiss our confusion and fears. 

Earth changes are impacting the lives of billions of people worldwide, and big changes are undoubtedly here. We now must determine what to do about them.

Change is good. Change is inevitable. Earth changes will continue no matter what humans do, or think.

A picture of a child's hand and an adult's hand holding the Earth. showing that by adopting a new view of the Earth, humanity can move into the future in the right direction.

Moving into an exciting future

Let’s learn how to change with the Earth … this is one of the most exciting times to be alive!