Tornado Tours – Seriously?

A storm spotter photo of Saturday's tornado in Kansas.

Storm spotter photo of May 2013 tornado in Kansas.

Yes, I have been a storm chaser, and I loved it. And yes, I have been part of a “group of chasers” going into storms.

But no, I would NOT take novice pedestrians into a storm chase. The El Reno, Oklahoma twister confirms that.

Just Text

A picture of an EF5 tornado in Oklahoma.

The deadly EF5 tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma, May 2013.

There is no doubt that our science education, both in the media and in the public schools, is falling FAR behind in the US. By the time students graduate from public high school, they do NOT know much about geography  or Earth Science (about the US or any other country), and most graduates have NO IDEA how violent storms form or how to react in a natural disaster.

Sorry to sound cynical, but most of the kids I know these days live for their I-phones. When a disaster occurs, they just start texting. Most get darn annoyed if they lose signal, and few pay attention to the danger around them.

We desperately need to revamp our attitudes and awareness and, today, the drama of a natural disaster has morphed into big business as opposed to a humbling respect for Earth changes.

Respect The Earth

I suppose humans have always enjoyed a thrill – there are tight-rope walkers, knife throwers, race car drivers, sky divers, and lion tamers. But tornado tours? One thing for sure, those who toured the El Reno tornado DID have the experience of their life, and are lucky to be alive.

A cartoon picture of a mad scientist with buildings in background.

Our desire to control the immense power of the Earth has become dangerously unnatural.

We’ve Got It Backwards

Today, we are ALL facing a new reality that the Earth, and its enduring movements, determine all life on this planet, your life. And everything can change in an instant.

Our villages, cities, states, nations, and countries are meaningless to the Earth’s mountains, volcanoes, streams, rivers, oceans and seas. Our human world has become unnaturally divided from the natural world, and humanity has begun battling with the Earth when our “possessions” are threatened. We look at the Earth today as if we are waging war against Nature. Humans feel victimized when violent storms get in their way.

We’ve got it backwards, though.

The Earth is our home, and it is an awesome place. We are the guests here, but we are overstepping our boundaries and have worn out our welcome. Sadly, mankind’s influences are no longer a natural part of the Earth’s standard operating system. The Earth will win this battle at the end of the day.

I’m all for teaching others about the power of tornadoes and violent storms, but tornado tours are a bit over-the-top for this storm chaser. Stay safe on your next tour, y’all.


The Biggest Shift In Earth History Begins

A picture of the Earth and the Moon from space

Our incredible Earth

Finally, we Earthlings are waking up to what’s going on right under our noses.

Finally, our global law-makers are realizing that we humans are NOT more powerful than our planet, and that we CANNOT control Nature or STOP its immense power.

Untangling Our Knots

Civilization is on the brink of one of the most astounding shifts in Earth history, but most of us think that the economy, politics, or the threat of war will be what determines the fate of our species. People don’t realize that the Earth, our planet itself, will be what changes our lives at the end of the day.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, violent storms, pole shifts, and climate change – these major Earth events have been relatively quiet in our lifetime, but according to the science, these are the shifts that will change history.

We can’t sit this one out.

Today, natural disasters are indisputably on the rise all over the globe, and the timing comes as no surprise. While our global communities spend time “debating” global warming, the oil crisis, interest rates, and war, we are missing the warning signs that Earth changes won’t wait for us to untangle our knots. It’s time to stop wasting time, and step up our game.

Earth Changes Are Good

An exit sign on a highway that says Changes: Next Exit

As the Earth changes today, we must make the right choices to change WITH it.

Recent monster tornadoes, global flooding, increases in earthquakes, multiple volcanic eruptions, and killer tsunamis are merely “tiny” Earth movements – our planet is MASSIVE, and natural disasters that seem devastating to those living through them are insignificant to this mighty planet.

It is my aim to help you understand that by looking at the Earth in ways no one has seen the Earth before, we can move more gracefully into the future, and dismiss our confusion and fears. 

Earth changes are impacting the lives of billions of people worldwide, and big changes are undoubtedly here. We now must determine what to do about them.

Change is good. Change is inevitable. Earth changes will continue no matter what humans do, or think.

A picture of a child's hand and an adult's hand holding the Earth. showing that by adopting a new view of the Earth, humanity can move into the future in the right direction.

Moving into an exciting future

Let’s learn how to change with the Earth … this is one of the most exciting times to be alive!

Tornadoes Rip Through Moore, Oklahoma

An EF5 tornado barreled through the suburbs west of Oklahoma City, Monday, May 20, 2013. Moore, Oklahoma was leveled, and amazingly only 24 people were killed at the hands of a mile-wide twister that stayed on the ground for over 20 miles packing 166+ mile per hour winds.

Tornadoes Are Forming Quicker Today

Another EF5 tornado destroyed the town of Moore in 1999, but when this tornado formed, it took much longer to build in size and intensity. Unlike tornadoes in the past, tornadoes today are forming much quicker, and much stronger.

Global climate change, solar intensity, an increase in volcanic eruptions, the shifting of the poles, and man-made pollutants, such as burning fossil fuels and spraying Chemtrails, are altering our planet’s global wind patterns. As these events continue to affect our weather, we will continue to witness marked changes in how tornadoes form. And, it is to our disadvantage because there is less time to prepare.

No Time In Texas

Wednesday, May 15, 2013, fatal tornadoes outside Dallas, Texas came as a big surprise. Large storms were predicted, but the tornado index was low, and no one expected an EF4 to suddenly form. The twister hit in the towns of Granbury and Cleburne, Texas killing several people.

This tornado spun up out of the blue – fast and furious – with little warning.

A picture of the EF5 tornado in Joplin, Mo 2011.

EF5 Tornado in Joplin, Mo 2011 – NOAA.

Joplin, Mo

On May 22, 2011, I was watching the Weather  Channel’s Tornado Hunt, and I clearly remember the storm spotters saying that strong storms were all around, but no tornado activity was on the Doppler Radar. Suddenly out of the blue, an EF5 tornado formed within minutes, and leveled the town of Joplin, merely 40 miles east of the storm spotters.

Another surprise tornado.

As Earth changes continue to increase today, tornados are forming more quickly and with less warning. This will certainly keep NOAA and storm spotters on their toes.

YOU need to be more aware, too. And take the warnings seriously!