Hurricane Idalia Is Coming In Hot

A picture of a road sign saying Stormy Weather Ahead

Florida is getting another hurricane.

Hurricane Idalia will make landfall in Florida as a CAT 3+ with winds between 110 – 140 mph August 30, 2023. Whew, that’ll blow down a tree or two – and a dog house.

A hurricane will have damaging winds, but what really does the most damage is the storm surge – water being fire-hosed with a force and power that will knock you over as it comes onshore. Streets flood so you can’t drive to escape, garages flood, first floors flood in your house, office, or apartment.

The dog house floods, so you want to protect your animals.

Many people don’t evacuate, but most regret it – it’s hit or miss, though. You’re never sure if the storm damage will be where you live, so many people procrastinate evacuating. Again, it’s hit or miss, but can be deadly if you make the wrong decision.

I highly recommend subscribing to this youtube and X channel for following weather disasters – Ryan Hall is better than any “weatherman” on mainstream news – he’s no drama and accurate. He’s a storm chaser, so you’ll get on-the-ground videos of tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. You’ll learn so much following one of his live streams. website live Twitter (X)

Our hearts go out to anyone who is damaged by this hurricane – including their dogs and cats, too.

A Nasa satellite picture of Hurricane Ike in 2008.

The 2023 hurricane season has been very quiet, but here’s comes Idalia.

The Earth Expansion Theory – Why Islands Rise From The Sea

A woman sweating.

When your body heats up, you sweat to naturally cool off.

What happens to your body when you exercise? Your body heat increases, right?

As body heat increases, it expands to escape through the pores of your skin. You sweat more as a natural cooling mechanism to keep your body temperature balanced.

Well, the Earth does the same thing – just on a mega-scale.

The Earth’s Core

The Earth's core.

The Earth’s core is hot, very hot, and as the heat rises, it expands at the surface of the Earth.

Our planet is hot, very hot, deep inside. There are three main sources of heat within the Earth:

  1. heat from when the planet first formed, which is still in there;
  2. frictional heating, caused by the dense core material sinking toward the center of the Earth;
  3. heat from the decay of radioactive elements.

Just as heat inside of your body expands to escape through your pores, the heat inside of the Earth expands to escape through the cracks in the crust.

Here’s a glitch, though – like your skin, the outer crust acts like a blanket that traps the inner heat. When the Earth gets hotter, the excess heat must release, so it escapes through cracks in the crust causing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Fracking and excessive oil and gas drilling weaken the crust, and this opens the door to more Earth expansion at the fractures, holes, and cracks in the crust.

A picture of the shell cracked on a boiled egg.

As heat rises from the core of the Earth, it escapes at the surface much like the inside of a boiling egg oozes out of cracks in the shell.

Earth Expansion

Now, what happens when you boil a pot of eggs? The heat of the pan increases the heat of the water, which heats and hardens the egg.

Well, the Earth does the same thing – just on a mega-scale.

As the Earth releases heat, the crust expands when the heat rises and escapes, much like the inside of a boiling egg oozes out of a crack in the eggshell.

The more heat – the more cracks.

Pakistan Island Rising

The small island off Pakistan.

A small island rose out of the Arabian Sea after a 7.8 earthquake in Pakistan – Photo off Twitter: @Senator_Baloch

Following a swarm of large earthquakes in Pakistan on September 24, 2013, within hours an island rose out of the Arabian Sea.

Its appearance was caused by Earth expansion, and as the planet continues to release heat under the crust, more events like this are sure to happen all over the planet.

Check out the vimeo I did with Michael Edward on Earth expansion in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill in 2010. As you will see, there are lots of “cracks” in the Gulf – some are natural and many are man-made.

The Earth Expansion Theory is powerful information that explains crazy Earth movements like islands rising from the sea.

Hey, it’s not every day that you can watch an island form. I guess the Earth’s been working out lately.