6.0 Quakes Ramping Up Again

A small world globe showing the Middle East and the Red Sea.

More large earthquakes are occurring lately around Africa and the Indian Ocean.

The past two weeks have been fairly quiet, as far as large earthquakes go. Well, they are ramping up again, and this time, they are packing a more powerful punch because they are located in highly populated areas that are surrounded by water.

6.0 Quakes

Over the past 24 hours, the following quakes occurred worldwide:

  1. 6.3 North of New Zealand
  2. 6.1 North of Venezuela
  3. 6.4 Greece

Tsunami warnings were not issued for the Caribbean Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, but local flooding is expected.

5.0 Quakes

  1. 5.7 Indonesia
  2. 5.2 Raoul, New Zealand
  3. 5.2 Amsterdam Island, South Indian Ocean
  4. 5.1 Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  5. 5.3 Afghanistan

Be on the watch for more to come …