Outdated Lawmakers Cause An Outdated Power Grid

A line of wooden power poles.
Our power grid is antiquated beyond its limits.

Here’s a reality check when the power goes off – life must go on and we all need to figure how to get around our very old and out-dated power grid.

I am NOT political but I am merely identifying a root source of our problems, which is that many of our “law-makers” are also old and antiquated, and are struck in a way of thinking that is decades too outdated.

Here’s one good example of how we are not keeping up with what’s really going on … we are NOT going into global warming but we are turning into a Mini Ice Age based on the solar cycle and a weakening magnetic field.

We needed to begin alternative energies decades ago, but our legislators did not invest in it.

The US Capital building
Many of our law-makers are as old and antiquated as their energy solutions.

It is not wise to just stop using oil and gas or clean coal until we have used it to help make a transition into better alternative powers. Did you know that the electric grid runs off oil? Windmills require oil. Hydroelectric runs off oil.

Eventually we must move from oil to another source, such as plasma or steam, but we have not prepared for a transition like this yet. Wind and solar cannot handle our power grid needs alone. The windmills are shut off right now because the blades are covered in ice.

We must introduce other advanced energies such as plasma and geo-thermal, but again our law-makers are old and out-dated and do not think progressively.


Earth question symbol represented by a world globe model with a geographic shape of a mark questioning the state of the environment the international economy and political situation.
Every location on the planet is different and requires different energy solutions.

Learn all that you can about alternative energy but also recognize that we must adopt different alternatives locally/depending on where you live – there is NO global system or “one solution that fits everyone” because every place/latitude/ecosystem on our planet is different and requires different solutions.

Some countries use hydro-electric power, some solar, some wind, some geo-thermal – the country of Iceland is 97% powered by geothermal from its volcanos.

Global humans haven’t even tried new energies yet because politics has gotten in our way. Times like now are ripe for new inventions – not lock-downs and Brown-Outs. These are antiquated solutions to a progressing problem – it’s time to get with real future solutions.

Stay positive and think like a prepper for a better future!!  

Hint: When Spring comes, consider making a garden, no matter how small – it’s time to return to some basics again. 

Power Failure In NYC Halts Trains

People packed in a train car.

Thousands of commuters at Grand Central Station in NYC try to figure out how to get home after a power outage.

It’s starting – the “grid” is failing and our big metro areas are unprepared for power failures and energy shut-downs.

It is time for Americans to stop wasting valuable time debating antiquated oil and gas technology like the Keystone XL pipeline, and to quit wasting time and money repairing broken-down electric grids.

How do we prepare for more power failures like this?

  • We start releasing the plethora of alternatives that are locked away in corporate vaults;
  • We take our energy grid away from the 1% ownership control;
  • We co-op the abundant and free energy the Earth provides everyone.

Pulling The Plug

Tens of thousands of commuters lost transportation between the Connecticut suburbs and New York City on September 25, 2013 when a mysterious power failure disabled one of the nation’s busiest commuter rail lines.

The one rail line serves over 125,000 passengers a day at 38 stations in 23 towns.

Typically, one electric cable failing will not disrupt train service because there are usually two cables powering the rail system. Interestingly, in this case, one cable had been put out of service on September 13 for a “system update.” That left one cable providing electricity.

And it happened to “go down.”


A line of wooden power poles.

Our power grid is antiquated beyond its limits. It is time for free-alternative energy.

I, personally, do not believe in coincidence, but this is intriguing timing, don’t you think? This event can definitely serve a terrific purpose, though.

Look at the positive side:

  1. More people are working from home until the rail is fixed in another 2-3 weeks;
  2. This has created a much needed wake-up call for everyone;
  3. We now realize that our energy grid is antiquated;
  4. We can more clearly see that our money is wasted on maintaining a broken grid system;
  5. It is now obvious that alternative energy and free-market energy must be implemented;
  6. Events like this force you to re-prioritize your life;

Sometimes a kick in the backside is a good thing – it reminds you that you may be stuck in life ….. make some positive changes.

More To Come?

Power grid shut downs have only just begun. Whether it’s Mother Nature reminding us that humans are not in control, or some crafty politition making sure their XL pipeline vote gets passed – our system is broken, and going off the grid will continue to happen.

You can choose how to experience upcoming changes, and inconveniences. Just make the right choices for your health and safety and for the health and safety of our planet.

Hey, it was time to get off that old, broken down train, anyway.

Electronics Interrupted By Solar Storm

Someone texting on their cell phone.

If your cell phone is acting up, hang in there – it’s just the recent solar CME.

If your cell phone, GPS, or Internet are acting wonky lately, don’t spend your time stuck on hold with your service providers – it’s probably the Sun messing things up.

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013, the Sun blasted billions of tons of solar particles toward the Earth at 3.3 million km/h (2 million mph).

That’s about 550 miles per second, and a fairly average speed for a CME. They happen all the time during an active solar cycle, but what’s unique about this CME is that it is headed toward the Earth.


Radioactive particles ejected by Earth-directed CMEs typically take two or three days to reach our planet. CMEs that hit Earth produce beautiful auroras, known as the Northern and Southern Lights, and this was once the only effect from CMEs.

A picture of the aurora borealis.

The Northern Lights – aurora borealis.

Today, mankind has numerous satellites rotating around the Earth that supply the hubs for our dependency on a paperless society. Satellites power the Internet, wireless communications, and on-line banking, but CMEs can trigger geomagnetic storms that can disrupt radio communications, GPS signals, and power grids.

Head’s Up!

If your cell phone is dropping calls or your on-line banking is messing up, hang in there – not every CME smacks us head-on. 

Tomorrow is another day.