North And South Poles Are At It Again

USGS small globe showing the Bellany Islands off Antarctica

The Balleny Islands off Antarctica – USGS

There’s been some major movement at both the North and South Poles over the past two days, and the equatorial regions are now responding.

The Poles

On October 28, 2013, a 5.3 magnitude quake shook the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge between Greenland and Iceland. Approximately six hours later, the Antarctic Plate responded with a 4.5 magnitude quake south of Africa off the Prince Edward Islands.

Two hours later on October 29, 2013, a 6.0 magnitude quake shook the Antarctic Plate between Antarctica and South America at the Balleny Islands.

Less than an hour later,  Leavenworth, Washington had a 3.3 quake, a small 2.5 earthquake rattled south of San Francisco, and Nikolski, Alaska had a 4.3 and a 5.0 magnitude quake an hour apart.

South America

USGS map of quake off Peru

Recent quakes off the South American coast – USGS

After the 5.3 quake shook west of Iceland, the following quakes have occurred off the west coast of Central and South America:

  1. 2.8  Alberto Oviedo Mota, Mexico
  2. 4.3  Coquimbo, Chile
  3. 4.6  Ovalle, Chile
  4. 4.5  Chirilagua, El Salvador
  5. 5.0  Chivay, Peru
The USGS small globe showing the June 2013 earthquake in Papua New Guinea

Quakes at Papua New Guinea – USGS

Japan and Indonesia

The following quakes have occurred in the western Pacific around Japan and Indonesia:

  1. 4.6  Papua, New Guinea
  2. 5.3  Papua, New Guinea
  3. 5.0  Japan
  4. 4.7  Kuripan, Indonesia
  5. 5.0  Fiji
  6. 4.3  Kendari, Indonesia
  7. 5.1  Fiji
  8. 5.2  Sarangani, Philippines

US and Alaska

  1. 3.0  King Salmon, Alaska
  2. 3.0  Fort Yukon, Alaska
  3. 3.3  Leavenworth, Washington
  4. 2.5  East Foothills, California
  5. 2.5  Lompoc, California
  6. 4.3  Nikolski, Alaska


The USGS small globe showing the Caribbean earthquake April 30, 2013.

Caribbean earthquakes – USGS

  1. 3.0  Puerto Rico
  2. 2.8  Puerto Rico
  3. 3.1  British Virgin Islands
  4. 2.6  Puerto Rico

There’s a lot of movement all over the world right now. Watch for more activity off the US, Central American, and South American coasts.



Large Alaska Quakes Are At It Again

A map of Alaska

Atka, Alaska is on the Alaskan Aleutian Island Chain located on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

If you want some excitement in your life, go to the hamlet of Atka, Alaska. So far this month, Atka has had several powerful earthquakes, and the small community has a volcano just outside its city limits.

Who needs cable television?

Last week, Alaska and Canada both had a round of powerful earthquakes, and the volcanoes along the Aleutian Islands in Alaska are building up pressure.

Atka Earthquakes

Today, Saturday September 14, 2013, Atka is at it again – there have been 5 earthquakes (so far) over 5.0 magnitude that occurred within an hour.

Merely 10 days before, on Wednesday September 4, 2013, a 6.5 magnitude quake struck in the same location southwest of Atka.

The following quakes occurred on Saturday southwest of Atka, all within an hour:

  1. 5.0
  2. 5.4
  3. 5.8
  4. 5.3
  5. 5.2

Atka Volcanoes

Atka volcano is the largest volcanic center in the central Aleutians, and is surrounded by 8 satellitic volcanoes.

Korovin volcano is the highest point on Atka Island along the Aleutian Islands chain. Korovin is a side vent to the main Atka shield volcano, and is the highest point on the island.

Korovin last erupted in 2006, but with earthquake activity increasiing around Atka today, I’d expect some volcanic activity to follow.

Alaska Volcanoes

A picture of the White Island volcano

Volcanic eruptions are increasing along the Alaskan Peninsula.

Two of Alaska’s most active volcanoes—Pavlof and Cleveland—are currently erupting.

Located close to the western end of the Alaska Peninsula, Pavlof is one of the most active volcanoes in the Aleutian arc, having erupted more than 40 times since the late 1700’s. Pavlof has been erupting since May 13, 2013.

Keep a watchful eye on our 49th State. Alaska is rockin’ and rollin’ and heatin’ up these days.

Canada And Alaska Feeling A Barrage Of Earthquakes

The USGS small globe showing the earthquakes off Canada.

A swarm of very large earthquakes struck off the coast of Canada and Alaska, September 3, 2013 – USGS

A Canadian and Alaskan earthquake swarm on September 3, 2013 started with a 6.2 magnitude quake off the west coast of Canada.

The quakes took place on the Pacific Rim’s Ring of Fire, and very close to the dangerous Juan de Fuca plate off the northwest USA coast.

The Swarm

The first 6.2 quake was followed by several large quakes, and as I post this article, the quakes and tsunami warnings are still going on. These quakes began in Canada and moved into Alaska today:

  1. 6.2
  2. 4.6
  3. 4.8
  4. 5.5
  5. 5.0
  6. 5.9
  7. 4.2
  8. 5.9
  9. 5.8
  10. 6.5
  11. 5.4

And the night is not over yet …

Japan And Volcanoes

A picture of the Earth and the Ring of Fire with rising magma along the tectonic plates and cracks near Papua New Guinea.

The Ring of Fire along the Pacific Rim is lighting up.

Several hours after the Canadian quakes began, Izu, Japan had a 6.5 magnitude quake, also along the Ring of Fire. The Pacific Rim is shifting big time.

Watch for an increase in volcanic eruptions to happen next in these areas. And remember that more volcanic ash and debris that enters our atmosphere means that we may have a colder winter.

Heads up.